Side Effects Of Hair Loss Treatment

hair loss treatment side treatment Hair forms a very vital part of our overall image and looks and adds a dash of confidence and esteem to our personality. This is the reason why many people around the world opt for various types of hair loss treatments to regain their lost hair.

However, they fail to realize that there are a lot of side effects associated with this kind of a treatment and it may create long term and short term problems for the one who undergoes it. The most common and dangerous side effects are mentioned below.

Side Effects Of Hair Loss Treatment

Itching And Burning Sensation

One of the most common side effects that hair loss treatments have is an itching and burning sensation on your scalp. This is often followed by irritation in the affected area. The person may be allergic to one or more than one substances used during the treatment and this may cause the itching and burning.

itching on head

This burning may also take place if the person’s scalp is sensitive and has been exposed to the sun or chemicals which have already damaged it prior to the treatment.

Pain The Stomach

There are many hair loss treatments which require the person to eat certain pills. These pills often cause severe stomach pain, especially if the individual eats them on an empty stomach. It is important to consult your doctor about the composition of any such pills before consuming them to help in hair regrowth.

Dizziness And Swelling

Almost all the chemical products which are either applied on the skin directly or consumed as pills can give way to serious side-effects such as dizziness, swelling, head ache and even an alert heartbeat.

Dizziness And Swelling

If you go through any of these problems when undergoing a hair loss treatment, it is strongly recommended to stop the treatment immediately and get yourself checked by a general physician.

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 Sexual Dysfunctions

Many studies reveal that the DHT inhibitors that are used in hair loss treatments cause severe sexual dysfunctions in the individual. The companies which make these products claim that these effects are temporary and get null over a period of time.

However, it has been found out that this kind of a dysfunction has had permanent effects on the patient and also an irreversible one.

Greasy Hair

Many hair loss treatments require the individual to apply certain ointments and lotions on a regular basis. These lotions and ointments make the hair look very greasy and also give them a dirty look.

greasy hair

If you have to apply such a lotion do so in the morning and wash your hair with a mild shampoo before leaving home so that it gives a neat and clean appearance to your hair and overall looks.

Growth Of Unwanted Hair

Another side effect of hair loss treatment is that if any other body part comes in contact with the products of the treatment, it may start growing unwanted hair in that region.

This is the reason why an individual who uses various types of creams and ointments to cure his hair loss, should do so in a very careful manner and ensure that it does not come in contact with any other body part. You should also wash your hands properly after applying the cream on your scalp.