Simple Curling Tips For Make Curls Last Longer

culry hair At times, when you get bored of straight and flat hair and want those wavy or curly look, nothing is more irritating than spending hours doing it and then finding it back to square one in the nick of time. It is not everyone’s domain to spend hours in front of the mirror to get the right look, and be okay with it if it doesn’t work out.

It is very frustrating indeed, and knowing that you cannot help it is even more irritating. With the correct products, tools and methods, here is something you can do to make the wavy look last longer.

Curling Tips For Make Curls Last Longer

Use Conditioner

conditioning hair

Before curling use a light conditioner to soften the hair. The softness eventually leads to mild and flowy curls. Heavy conditioning can make the hair heavy and greasy leading to pulled out curls that won’t last. It is also recommended that one should not shampoo daily, a little natural oily scalp holds style better.

Do not style on wet hair

Blot your hair with soft towel before starting to curl. Wet hair should not be styled because one, it damages hair and two, it is difficult to style.

wet hair

Do not rub the scalp and hair, gentle wrap with a towel for a few minutes is ideal. It is also time consuming to make the curls stay on wet hair.

Use Volumizer

It is as it is a difficult task to style squeaky clean hair, plus if your hair is not the type to support styling, make sure you use volumizer for the texture and style to stay. Volumizer lifts the roots giving thin and limp hair the desired framework for styling into curls. It also makes style stay for a long time.

Get the ends in shape

It is often seen that hair up to mid length holds style excellently but the tips ruin it all. Make sure you use deep conditioning at the ends to hide the damage and hold the style better.

ends in shape

Frizzy and dry ends can spoil the overall look if not shaped properly with the curls. If tips fall in place, they make styling easier.

Use upside down blow drying

blow dry

To add more bounce and volume to the curls, start from below. It gives hair natural bend, and a lot of movement. Also do not blow dry extremely wet hair, it may be tedious and lead to flattened curls. Use diffuser to discover reduced frizz and flattering bounce like never before.

Use Ceramic Made tools for Styling

Good quality hair styling tools are essential to save you from fried hair after styling. Iron curls are good, but keeping up with the trend today, ceramic gives uniform heat, and temperature control facility that helps you curl inside out and gives long lasting and perfect curls. Also, choose the right temperature for your hair to avoid heat damage.

Take Time

Nothing comes out beautiful and healthy without a little effort and pain. Same goes with curling or for that matter any hairstyle you want. Take small strands and go in bits and parts when making curls. Keep spraying curled hair as you move forward and take smaller curls that you actually want to have, because it will loosen up by the hour.