Simple Solution For Faster Hair Growth


Solution For Faster Hair Growth Here is the symbol of beauty in the human body, though it has another major role to play but normally we give all the importance to our hair for improving our looks. These days, hair fall is becoming a common disease around the world, and most of us are generally trying hard to increase our hair growth

According to the researchers there are several reasons existing in our nature which is the main cause for this problem. So they have invented many remedies for protecting it and increasing the growth rate.  Here are some tips this helps to increase our hair grow even faster.

Fundamentals of Hair Growth

According to the doctors’ report our hair grows 35 millimeters in a day, but the growth rate can be increased if you follow some strict rules.

Make your Skull Dandruff Free

Dandruff is the most dangerous enemy of hair. It hinders hair growth by sucking all the foods from the skull. So if you want to get a growing hair then you have to make your skull dandruff free at first. A few herbal products can help you in that case, like hair massage with pure coconut oil, massage hair by soap nut powder with hot water, mixture of coconut oil and onion is also very help full in reducing the dandruff.

Grow your Hair by Common Remedies

If you want to get faster growth for your hair then castor oil is a good option for you. You can get shiny and healthy hair by using this oil. Another common remedy for hair growth is the tea extracts.

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Just wash your hair at least for once in a week with it as it would help you to get stronger hair along with the increasing the hair growth facility.

Use natural Conditioner

Conditioners are considered to be food for your hair. If you use a natural conditioner then you are sure to get definite results through it. Beauticians prefer to use henna but it should be made by herbal products and should ensure good hair growth. Another remedy for conditioning of your hair is the use of egg. A mixture of alcohol and egg can be a good remedy for the good growth of hair. Mixture of honey and lemon is also considered to be a good conditioner.

Consume Nutritious Food and Drink lot of Water

It is very necessary that you consume food that includes lot of green vegetables and sprouts. This would help you to grow your hair at a faster rate and would make it healthy. Few fishes like cod, salmon etc have also proved to be good for hair. It is also very necessary to drink lot of water. Make sure you drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water on a daily basis to keep your hair healthy.

These are the most easiest and simple ways that can be of great help for you to grow your hair faster. This is sure to benefit you and also keeps you and your hair healthy.


Priyanka Kamath