Simple Tricks To Keep Your Hair Tame On Prom Night

Keep Your Hair Tame On Prom Night Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights of all! You often plan it much before it has happened and you always have a perfect dress, complimenting accessories, and matching shoes in our minds. What we often ignore is our hair!

We might know the hairstyle and even spend precious amount in a salon to get the perfect prom haircut and prom hairstyle that does not mean that it will stay perfect in the excitement and crowd of the prom. You need to have a few hair care tricks up your sleeve to avoid your hair from looking messy and uncontrollable.

Hairstyle Tips for Prom

Getting the perfect prom hairstyle is easy but maintaining it and making it look perfect throughout the night is a different story and is up to you. One of the easiest tricks for curls is to iron out the hair underneath to control the volume throughout the night.

Any hairstyle you pick for the prom, one must remember that the hair once set needs to be left alone. Touch it frequently and you tend to damage the styling spray and it might give way and your hair might loosen and fall in places. To avoid such situations, here are a few hairstyling tips that will help you avoid such disasters on the prom night.

Hair Pins

Always carry extra bobby pins and hair ties in your prom clutch. This is the easiest and the most popular tip that allows you to pin the hair and do an easy touch up as soon as you notice flyaways.

Hairstyle Tips for Prom


Also, as soon as you notice that the volume is becoming difficult to handle then simply pull back the hair and tie it with a hair tie.

Hair Spray

Check for a mini spray and put it in a clutch and carry it for the night. This allows you to keep your hair in place and also do a touch up as soon as possible. If you cannot find a suitable sized spray, then pack a hair balm to smoothen the hair after the night’s activity.

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Taming waves and curls is important and can be done via a simple application of pomade. This avoids frizzing of the hair ends. Between the dances, just comb the waves and section the hair. Pin the sections and finish it with an anti-frizz hairspray that will make it look as fresh and radiant as possible.

Natural Oils

Another important thing one must do that can help you tame your hair on the prom night is to follow a hair care routine involving natural oils that one must follow before and after the prom night. Massaging and oiling the hair on regular basis hydrates the locks and makes it healthy after the hair has gone through so much of styling.

Hairstyle Tips for Prom

Even before the prom night, follow a routine to massage the hair and wash it and air dry it to keep the hair moisturized and taming the tresses before one can ready the hair for prom styling.

Hair Serum

To add immediate gloss to the hair, carry a shine serum throughout the hair strands to make it look radiant in and during the prom night.

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