Six Hair Growth Vitamins


Hair GrowthHair forms a very essential part of our overall looks and personality and needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. People who own long and thick hair can easily make heads turn and make others jealous of them.

Not everyone is blessed with good quality hair as many people face the problem of improper and less hair growth on their scalp. In order to combat this problem, it is best to take the help of these 6 vitamins as they not only aid in the growth of hair but also provide it with the nourishment and strength that they require.

Best Vitamins For Hair Growth


The other name for biotin is hair vitamin as it is extremely beneficial in promoting the growth of hair and also prevents the hair from becoming fragile. If a person becomes deficient in this vitamin, it can lead to severe hair loss on the scalp along with the eyelashes and eyebrows.


You will find biotin in carrots, all types of nuts like almond and walnuts, egg of chicken, goat and cow’s milk and vegetable like onions, cauliflower and cucumber.

Vitamin B12

Another very important vitamin that helps in hair growth is Vitamin B12. Its deficiency can result in not only hair loss but also in graying of hair at a premature age.

You must also include Vitamin C and iron in your regular diet as they help in better absorption of this vitamin. Oysters, caviar, fishes, octopus, lamb, beef, cheese and eggs contain Vitamin B12 in abundance and should be eaten regularly.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is also known as Niacin. It helps to improve the blood circulation on our scalp thus promoting hair growth.

Vitamin B3

Niacin works best when it is combined with biotin. Foods like tuna, roasted chicken breast, salmon, liver, lamb and mushrooms are rich in Niacin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C not only helps in preventing hair loss but it also stops the hair from becoming dry and brittle. It is very effective in ensuring that the hair does not face premature graying.

Vitamin C Rich Food

The creation of new hair is enhanced if Vitamin C is incorporated in the diet regularly. The foods rich in Vitamin C are oranges, lemons, papayas, guavas, kale, kiwi, broccoli and brussels sprouts. You can also take Vitamin C supplements if required.

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Vitamin E

Yet another vitamin which helps in hair growth is Vitamin E. This vitamin has a special quality which increases the blood circulation in the scalp and helps in the growth of new blood vessels.

This is the reason why it not only aids in hair growth but also prevents hair from falling and reverses the process of hair fall. Vitamin E oil is commonly available all pharmacies and can be applied to the scalp to enhance hair growth.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is extremely beneficial in stimulating the hair follicles and helping them in absorbing calcium for the body.

Vitamin D

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In this process, the follicles become healthy and help in the growth of new hair. Foods like button mushrooms, salmon, sardines, tuna and eggs are rich in Vitamin D. Sit under the sun for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day and get your daily dose of Vitamin D.