Six Homeopathic Treatment For Hair Loss

hair loss new Hair loss is a very common problem amongst many men and women around the world. Very few people are blessed with healthy and strong hair and do not face the problem of hair fall.

However, most of us are not so lucky and have to face this problem at various stages of life. We resort to various types of treatments and therapies to cure this serious problem but often forget the benefits of homeopathic treatments for solving this problem.

Instead of trying various types of creams, lotions and even ointments, you should use these 6 homeopathic treatments to solve the problem of hair loss for effective and rapid results.

Best Homeopathic Treatment For Hair Loss

Natrum Mar

Natrum Mur is one of the most effective homeopathic treatments for hair loss. It is quite effective in treating infections on the scalp which give rise to the problem of hair loss.

Natrum Mar

It also helps to treat hair loss which starts during and after pregnancy due to the various hormonal changes that the woman goes through. You can consult your homeopathic doctor for the right dose to be consumed every day.


Sometimes, when a person experiences extensive hair fall it may happen that it leaves some bald patches on the scalp and the hair in this region vanishes completely.


Phosphorus is a homeopathic treatment which helps to cure this kind of a problem and is also effective in moisturizing the scalp. It is important for you to consume the right dosage of phosphorus to combat hair loss.


Though it is not commonly seen, but some children do experience hair fall at a very young age. Borax is the best homeopathic treatment which helps to treat this kind of hair loss.


The best quality of this homeopathic treatment is that it also helps to treat hair which has become sticky and tangles easily. Children are generally given a small dosage of borax in the beginning and depending on its impact, the dosage is increased or decreased by the homeopathic doctor.

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Pulsatilla is yet another good homeopathic treatment which is quite effective in treating the problem of hair loss. Being an extremely common homeopathic medicine, it has helped many people to cure the problem of hair loss and also helps in the growth of new hair in a rapid manner.

This homeopathic medicine stimulates the nerves on the scalp and increases the blood circulation. It gives rise to formation of new hair which is thick and healthy.


Being an excellent homeopathic treatment for hair loss, lycopodiumis prepared from a fungus which possesses the ability to cure various types of problems related to the human body.


When the powers are used as a homeopathic treatment, they do a brilliant job in reducing hair loss. It also reduces early baldness and is very effective in reducing premature graying of hair.


Sepia is a homeopathic treatment which is made from cuttle fish’s juice and is very helpful in curing hair loss. This juice contains hidden medical powers which are utilized to create a very powerful and effective homeopathic treatment to cure hair loss. This homeopathic medicine can also be eaten during pregnancy without any worries.