Sleep Headwear For Healthy Hair

Sleep Headwear For Healthy Hair Tossing and turning at night can lead to tangled hair that can often lead to extreme hair fall. To counter such problem, one of the most effective things to do is to wear a headwear at night that will prevent your hair from rubbing onto the pillow and getting tangled. It does not take a lot of time to wear a nightcap or to braid your hair before sleeping; but by making the slightest effort one can save some precious time that is spent on untangling hair strands in the morning.

Hair Protective Steps  

Hair protection at night is often the most overlooked aspect and due to this many people experience hair fall in the morning and allows you to have healthy and long hair. Check these steps that can help you prevent excessive hair fall in the night.


The simplest way to avoid any breakage or hair damage at night is to loosely braid the hair before you retire to your bed. Braiding helps in preventing hair tangles and flat spots that can be very damaging for the hair. Though braiding is beneficial, one must not tie a pony tail at night. Pony tails do not shield hair ends that can be easily damaged and if it is tied too tight then the damage at the roots can be very harmful and often lead to weak hair roots.

Sleep cap

One of the oldest forms of nighttime hair damage prevention is to wear a night cap that reduces the chances of damage and subsequent hair fall. One easily buy all types of sleep caps online but If you are still unsure about a night headgear then opt for a silk or satin scarf that can be tied onto the hair at nighttime for protection.

sleep caps for hair

Soft materials are a must because if you wear rough material caps or headgear during the night then the tossing and turning can eventually damage your hair and hair fall is the subsequent after effect. Wearing of soft material sleep caps also prevents night dryness that makes your strands lackluster in appearance. For best results, tie a scarf around your forehead and tie the ends under your neck. This will prevent it from getting untied.

Satin Pillowcases

Wearing a satin scarf or soft material headwear is sometimes not enough because it can get undone easily as you sleep. So, having satin pillowcases can doubly safeguard your hair from damage. Most people use cotton pillowcases that can severely damage hair that can often lead to cuticle damage and split ends. But having silk pillowcases will protect your hair.


If you have long hair then you are well aware of the time it takes to comb the hair after you wake up. To make things easier for you and to shorten the morning routine of combing and brushing, wear a simple but soft headband.

Avoid elastic bands as these may further destroy and in some cases uproot the hair. Soft headbands help you to keep your hair in proper shape and avoid it from getting frizzy. The perfect night headband is a wide one that can safeguard maximum strands of hair. Narrow headbands must be avoided at all times.