Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle For Men


Back Undercut Hairstyle For Men Today, men no longer go to a barber for a haircut; instead there are hair professionals and stylists who cater to the growing grooming needs of the men. Hairstyles are no longer a last minute thing but most of them are well thought off and deliberated before one can wear a style.

One of the most styles that has made a comeback in recent time is the 30’s clipped haircut that is combined with gelled hair at front. The slicked back undercut hair is a popular choice for formal look among men who are looking for varied short hairstyle options.

We all hear of comebacks made in the field of fashion; this also features the comeback of hairstyles such as the slicked back undercut hairstyle. Though the style of wearing it has changed, the essential style is the same. Defined by short back hair, short cropped sides, and longer top hair, there are variations considering the length of the back and front hair.

If you want to keep a neat look then opt for a crew cut making it a true example of undercut hairstyle. Worn by innumerable world celebrities such as David Beckham and Josh Duhamel, the hairstyle is here to stay and rock the world.

How To Get The Perfect Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

Proper Haircut

If you are looking to get the perfect look, then a visit to a hairstylist is a must. This is more about the cut rather than the hairstyle! Get your stylist to cut the hair at the back of your head really short. Also, insist on keeping the sides trimmed too and once this is done go for longer hair at the top.

undercut hair styles for men


The length of the top hair depends on you – that is, if you are comfortable with long waves then consider really long hair at the crown that can be gelled back for the slick look but if you want hair that does not fall on your face then go for medium-length top hair.

While choosing for the hair on the side, there are basically two options for men – firstly, keep it as short as the back hair; secondly, keep it longer than the back hair but shorter than the top hair. While choosing the style consider a few facial aspects – such as, if you have a thin temple then short sides are a better option.

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Styling The Hair

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The style is best for men who have long and thick straight hair. Thinning hair requires some hair volumizer that can thicken the texture of the hair and not make you look bald when you slick back the hair. Also, if you have short hair then this is generally not a cut that will enhance your look as the undercut style will be hard to distinguish.

Finishing Touch

 Undercut Hairstyle For Men


While finishing the hairstyle, sweep back the hair with a comb that can hold the damp hair together and not let it part easily. Also, while applying gel, make sure that the hair is damp. Otherwise, the gel will not hold back the hair and your hairstyle will fall apart easily.

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