Some Common Patterns Of Hair Loss

Patterns of hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem and affects about 50% of the population worldwide. There are different causes and types of hair loss and each lead to a different pattern in falling of the hair. Humans can lose hair from any part of their body but it becomes more visible when they start losing hair from the head.

The genes are the most common cause of hair loss seen in all men and women. Other things like diseases, hormones, stress, anxiety and diet can also lead to hair loss. Deficiency in iron can also lead to baldness. Some common patterns of hair loss are given below.

Patterns Of Hair Loss

Patchy Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata is losing of hair in patches from any part of the body and mostly from the scalp. It is also known as spot baldness as hairs are lost in small spots or patches and in few cases can lead to loss of hair from the entire scalp.

Patchy hair loss

Initially, the patient observes hair loss in small patches which does not affect the skin in any way. Alopecia Areata is common in children. It might be temporary or permanent and it is an autoimmune disorder.

Breaking of Hair Follicles

According to a study, 90% of the human hairs on the head are in the growing stage and the rest 10% goes into the resting stage. During the resting stage, the hair follicles start drying up leading to their breakage and hair fall. This process can be enhanced by a number of hormonal and genetic factors. Even lack of iron in the diet or disease like folliculitis can lead to breaking of the hair follicles as iron is responsible for supply of oxygen to the hair follicles. The hair starts thinning and you witness too much of hair in your comb.

Receding From Forehead Hairline

Receding hairline is common in men but can be seen in women also. Receding hair loss can be can also be due to hormones. Women who have reached their menopausal stage are likely to loss hair from their forehead while men suffer from receding hairline when the testosterone level in the body goes down.

Receding from Forehead Hairline

Even too much of stress and anxiety can lead to hair loss from the front. Intake of too much of vitamin A and chemotherapy can also lead to receding hairline. Even hair styling like pulling of hair can lead to this situation.

Genetic Baldness

Genetic baldness

This is the cause of hair thinning in about 95% of men and is also known as androgenetic alopecia. This is commonly known as male pattern hair loss and is characterized by receding of hair from both the sides of the forehead with or without thinning crown. They eventually meet and leaves a small horseshoe shaped patch of hair on the scalp.

Hair Loss at the Vertex and Crown

Hair loss at the crown

Hair loss at the vertex and the crown is mainly due to hormonal factors. It may or may not be associated with pain and scaling in the scalp and the treatment is based on that. Rashes may also arise on the scalp. Genetic factors can also be responsible for hair loss at the vertex and crown.

These were few patterns of hair loss that are seen commonly in both men and women.