Spice Up Your Look With Short Hair Makeover Ideas


Short Hair Makeover Ideas Having a short hair might be very convenient as there is only less time involved in styling it or maintaining it and when it comes to the versatility it offers the choice is amazing.

The short hair has to be styled frequently every now and then to offer a different look every time. Try experimenting with new techniques and ideas to have a refreshing look which would improve your mood and boost up the self confidence in you.

Short Hair Makeover Ideas

Add Side Swept Bangs

Add some bangs to offer a fiery look to your short hair style. This updated style helps you to have side swept bangs especially if you are trying bangs for the first time.These bangs are highly flattering in look and have soft finish. Full bangs and blunt cut bangs are a good find and are best when paired with very short hair cuts or styles.

Opt For A Curly Hairstyle

If you are planning to get a more feminine look this season, then you can choose curls this season. These soft curls are pretty to look at and also help to enhance the facial features while laid across the sides of the face.

curly hairstyle for short hair

The curls styled in your short hair would look extremely beautiful and you can style with the help of a curling iron and hot hair rollers for the desired effect.

Spikes With Textures

If you want to have a bold look and look confident, then spikes is the right way. Play up with the length of your hair and vary the hair texture of yours. Make use of texturising products such as hair gels or hair wax to create the spikes as they enhance the hair definition and make you to have a style with high impact.

Asymmetrical Haircut

Give an edge to your short hair with this asymmetrical hair cut which would offer a modernized look and feel. This uneven look of the hair would be highly rewarding if you wish to flaunt it in a high profile party or dinner.

Asymmetrical Haircut

If you are not in favor of this uneven asymmetrical cut then you can easily choose the subtle asymmetrical cut. This will revive a new look into your short hair look.

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Change Hair Color And Add Highlights

You can spice up the short hair look with splashes of bold highlights to flaunt a peek a boo effect. As the short hair has the ability to lift from one place to another the hidden highlights would be revealed offering a dash of spice to your look.

hair color

You can also try to highlight in contrasting colors to create a good effect.

Make A Change In Hair Texture

If you are in search of a quick way for short hair makeover ideas, you can leave out the hair color, change in lengths or side bangs. You can try to make a change in the texture of your hair. This can be obtained by using a styling gel or wax which has the ability to aid you in this effort. It can offer a scrunchy look or curly look to suit any occasion or mood.


Joyeeta Bose