Spikey Hairstyles For Women

There are various types of hairstyles one can adopt according to their needs and people of all age go for it. Becoming older is natural but losing on a style statement is not the solution but it enhances the beauty. Spikey hairstyles have become very common and a trend for today’s generation.

Short hair is definitely very convenient to handle and easy to style to attain a smart look. When an individual gets a spikey haircut a sexier and an attractive look is obtained and various hairdo can be done. Extensive scope for purview and loads of exploring of skills with the scissors can be done and spikey haircuts are the best for people having faces in a square shape. There are various types of hairstyles one can go for and they are:-

Cool Spikey Hairstyles For Women

The Hairdo Of A Cool Spikey Look

spikey look

This overdo is one of the best and it tends to suit people of all age and every type of face. This makes a person stand out since in this the hair is cut a little shorter in the front and is made to stand a little while from the back it goes down to various lengths giving a bouncy look. The hair in the front can be played around and can be wrenched on any of the sides.

Playing Around With The Wavy Look

To have a look of a native from Bohemain this wavy spikes does it all. In this hairstyle the waves are just rolled back and are cut short from front.

wavy look

These waves are a little rolled up from the edges giving a curly look to the hair and are then gelled up to give a sexier look to the hair. Suits all kinds of faces especially with round ones.

The Hairstyle of an Emo Girl

This is for women having straight hair either short or medium. This gives a good look to the people having dry and frizzy hair.

emo hairstyle

The hair towards the side locks remain untouched and the hair from front is gelled up and cut short in various lengths. The gel or mousse makes it stand whenever required and can be styled for both casual and formal occasions.

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A Bold And Fierce Look

This is for women having good volume of hair and want to attain a very bold look. Under this hairstyle a good amount of hair from the front is made towards one side of the hair and the edges are cut and gelled to give a spikey look. Whereas the back side of the hair is cut shot normally giving a cut edge.

A Look of a Porcupine

The porcupine look is attained when all the hair is cut into the same size over the full mane. This is then allowed to stand and gelled up accordingly to give a edgy and a sharp look. This mainly suits the women of young generation.

Effect of a Asymmetric Look

Asymmetric Look

The asymmetric look is for the ladies having a round and a bubbly face. The layers or the razor which diminish slowly when it runs down the face is when we attain an asymmetric look. The waves of the hair at the end fall on the front of the face giving a cute look.