Spiky Hairstyles For Men

Men hairstyles evolve on a regular basis. The latest trend is to keep the hair short and spiky. For a perfect spiky look, get your stylist to cut the hair into proper layers that work across the crown to the top of the head.

Also, remember to instruct the stylist to cut the hair on the sides and the back cropped up and neat. Styling is the most important thing for men who want to sport the spiky look. So, invest in good hair products that will allow you to achieve the perfect spike height and dimension.

Top Spiky Men Hairstyles

If you want to a spiky hairstyle, remember there is more than one spiky option available. You can pick and choose a style that best fits your image and style. Also, spikes help in hiding cowlicks.

Short Spikes

Dating back to the 1990s when the rock musicians were associated with spiky hairstyle, short spike is the most popular spiky hairstyle option. For a perfect short spiky hairstyle, cut the hair short on the sides and leave the hair on the top longer.

Short Spiky hairstyle

Once you are happy with the hair length, use a hair wax or hair gel to spike the hair on the top. To create the perfect look, use both your hands and gently coat the hair with the gel. Brush your hands against the grain to get firms spikes.

Relaxed Spikes

Another popular spiky hairstyle option for men is relaxed spikes. Modern yet trendy, one can create relaxed spikes by taking hair gel onto a palm and rubbing both your palms together to disperse the gel over the hands.

Relaxed Spiky hairstyle

Next, flip the hair upside down and start applying the gel all over the hair. Let the gel dry and then start combing the hair against the grain before you can flip back the head. To make the spikes look more relaxed, comb the hair softening the spikes.

Twisted Spikes

For a funky look, opt for the twisted spikes that look more young and funky than the more popular short or relaxed spikes. To create the perfect twisted spikes, start by taking out some firm-holding gel onto a finger and applying it on different portions of the hair.

While rubbing the hair gel onto the hair, twist the hair section using the thumb. Once this is done, let it dry. To add fun element into the styling, use colored gel and create colored spikes that are twisted and fun.


Mohawk Spiky hairstyle

We all have heard of this spiky hairstyle option. With a history that dates back to the 1980s British punk scene, Mohawk was made popular by bands such as the Misfits and Sex Pistols with the rock members all sporting different Mohawk variations. To achieve this look, start by shaving off the hair at the side and spiking the hair with hair glue.

Faux Hawk

Spiked hair lovers can also sport the faux hawk. Very popular among men who do not want to cut their hair on a regular basis, the faux hawk basically involves leaving the hair on the sides as it is.

Faux Hawk Spiky hairstyle

It does not require you to shave off the side hair like traditional Mohawk. To create the perfect faux hawk, use hair gel to slick back the hair instead of shaving it off.

Punk Hairstyles

One great spiky hairstyle option is the punk hairstyle that features wearing spikes in all directions. This is a messy option but it is immensely popular among younger men and boys who also love to dye the hair in different colors and make it look more funky and trendsetting than the others.

All Around Spikes

This style consists of spikes all over the top of the head. Unlike the punk style, the spikes are usually in only one direction. Start the styling after spraying the hair with firm-holding spray which allows you to life the individual hair sections while ensuring that it holds.

Another reason for its growing popularity is the fact that it can easily be converted into other spiky hairstyles such as the faux hawk.

Liberty Spikes

For spiky hairstyle lovers, another great option is the liberty spikes. The style gets its name from the spikes of the Statue of Liberty.

Liberty Spiky hairstyle

The style mimics the style of the statue, hence, the spikes are distinctly spread around the head. While the longer hair spikes are spread out, the shorter hair spikes are more uniform and are closer to each other. End the styling by using a hairspray which makes sure that the style holds on for a longer period of time.