Splendid Edgy Long Length Hairstyles

Mostly girls wish to flaunt long hair as the impression of maintaining silky, long hair is that of awe and beauty. Long silky hair looks good but if you wish to sport an edgy style, you need to make the look bolder and wilder. Long hair because of its length can be experimented in a number of ways.

You can streak the hair with a vibrant colour, or you can cut it in an edgy way or you can simply wear it in a stylish and smart way. Here are four splendid edgy hairstyles to sport in long hair!

Edgy Long Length Hairstyles

The Asymmetric Waves Or Layers 

The asymmetric waves or layers is a very popular hairstyle among all types of women regardless of their age. These waves are not proportionate in nature giving a sense of edginess to the hairstyle. You can get this look by getting your hair cut in different layers or different steps to give it a messy look according to your stylist’s advice.

Asymmetric Waves Or Layers

Once your hair forms waves you can add an extra amount of oomph to the look by curling the ends of the waves into straight curls using a curling iron or crimp the waves a bit for an edgier look as compared to the curls. You can also curl your fringe slightly to make it angle with the layers. Complete the look by spraying some amount of misty hairspray to hold the layers together.

The Crimped Afro Mane 

The crimped afro mane is a crazy and intense look which can be sported by women who are not afraid to show their wild side at parties. This look needs attitude and confidence so that it can be carried off properly. For this look, your hair should be medium to long length.

Crimped Afro Mane

First take your hair and divide it into sections and then using a wide toothed comb detangle it. Now divide your hair into several small sections and then using a crimping iron, crimp the sections of hair gently to get the overall result of a crimped bob which look voluminous and afro mane like. You can pair this hairstyle with tight dresses and shorts. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray to make the crimped look last longer.

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The Half Fish Tail Braid 

The half fish tail braid is an innovative take on the original fish tail braid. You sport this look you should know how to make a fishtail braid. This look is interesting and if sported with the right attire can give off a very edgy and a classy look. To make the braid you need to have long hair.

Half Fish Tail Braid

Firstly detangle your hair and then start making a very loose fishtail braid from the nape of the neck so that it looks half made and then tie the braid before you reach the end of the hair section. Your fringe can be left loose to give it a messier look.

The Voluminous Sleek Bob 

The voluminous sleek bob is a contemporary twist on the classic bob. With your long hair, curl it greatly so that the long hair when curled inward looks like a medium length bob or bun. You can also pair this look with blunt fringes. Apply a mild dose of serum to add shine to the bob.