Splendid Medium Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are the most classic and unforgettable hairstyles. These bobs started as a trend back in the 60’s and 70’s with Hollywood celebrities sporting it in their movies and videos and now these bobs continue to be a fashion fad among many women today as well.

Even today, women feel that maintaining a bob of a short length or medium length is easier than maintaining any full-fledged long length hairstyle which may be difficult to handle. Medium length bobs can be made to look classy and smart if styled properly. Here are four splendid medium length bob hairstyles for women to sport this season.

Medium Hairstyles For Girls

The Wavy Medium Bob 

The wavy medium length bob is the most stylish bob is very easy to maintain as well. This bob mostly suits all face types and cuts and works wonderfully with wavy or slightly curly hair. To get this hairstyle, your hair should be medium in length and it should be cut evenly in the form of a bob. You can then style the bob by blow drying it by dividing it into sections so that your bob gets a smooth look.

wavy medium bob

Complete the look by applying a little bit of serum to the bob to make the waves appear glossy and shiny. You can also pair this wavy bob with a slight side fringe for a better look. Blow-dry the fringe and then by using a thin comb, angle it to one side so that it sets neatly with the bob. You can also accessorize the look further by wearing nice colourful head bands and hair clips.

The Straight Tapering Bob 

The straight tapering bob is a sleek twist on the classic bob. This look is extremely classy and is best suited on straight hair as it is only in straight hair that the bob will appear sharp and the tapering look will be seen the most clearly.

straight tapering bob

To get this style, get your bob cut in such a manner so that it is long and tapering towards the front and short and razor cut at the back. Then flat iron the sections of hair using a heated straightener. You can also blow dry the hair if you want the bob to be bent inwards or outwards. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray.

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The Crimped Up Bob

The crimped up bob is a very daring hairstyle and looks slightly like the wild afro mane. This style is very smart and is a very good hairstyle for those who possess thin hair as the crimped hair adds massive amounts of volume to the mane.

Crimped Up Bob

To achieve this look, detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb and then divide the hair into several sections. Now take each section and crimp it using a curling or a crimping iron. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray to hold the crimped up bob together.

The Maxi Bob 

maxi bob

The maxi bob is more towards the classic super volume bob and consists of a simple bob which can be blow dried to add volume to the bob. You can get your hair cut in medium hair evenly to get a maxi bob and then add some hairspray to maintain the look.