Steps To Healthy Hair

Hair care is a very important activity in everyone’s life. If an individual wants his or her hair to look healthy and strong, he or she should follow a proper hair care routine. Healthy hair is the key to beautiful and lustrous hair. In this article, we shall explain you a few steps to attain healthy hair.

Steps to Healthy Hair

Scalp Nourishment

Nourishing the scalp is the first step towards obtaining healthy hair. Massage is a very good way of nourishing the scalp. Oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil are considered to be the best for scalp massage. You can choose any oil for scalp massage, which should be carried out at night.

Healthy Hair

Massaging the scalp at night and allowing the oil to penetrate the hair throughout the night would help in nourishing the scalp very well. Also, scalp massage helps in promoting blood circulation, thus encouraging hair growth.

Hair Washing

The hair should be washed next day in morning after the scalp massage process, which has been carried out at night. You should choose the shampoo that suits your hair type. The process of hair washing should be carried out only twice or thrice in a week. Do not make the mistake of washing the hair daily.

Daily washing of the hair results in loss of natural moisture from the hair. This makes the hair dry and brittle. So, limit the process of hair washing to twice or thrice in a week to maintain the health and strength of the hair.

Hair Conditioning

Hair conditioning is the next step after hair washing. The hair should be conditioned after the shampooing process. The conditioner should be allowed to stay on the hair for around five minutes before rinsing the hair with cold water. The hair would become soft, smooth and shiny with the help of regular conditioning. This would aid in boosting up the health of the hair.

Yoga And Meditation

Stress deteriorates the health of the hair and results in hair fall. Each and every person should practice meditation and yoga to get rid of stress from life. This would not only improve the health of the hair, but would also aid in boosting up overall health of an individual.

Healthy Hair


Diet is a very important aspect of hair care. People willing to have healthy hair should follow a healthy diet plan. The hair should get all vital nutrients so that they remain healthy and strong. Among various food products, milk, green vegetables, yogurt, fish, nuts and fruits are quite healthy for the hair and should be incorporated in the regular diet plan.

With the help of providing adequate nutrition to the hair, hair fall would be restricted and hair growth would be encouraged. You would be able to see an immense improvement in the health of the hair, if you follow a healthy diet plan.


It is vital to maintain adequate hydration level of the hair, so as to keep the hair strong and in good health. The hydration level of the hair can be improved by drinking lot of water on daily basis. You would be able to see lot of improvement in the health of your hair, if you drink around 8-10 glasses of water daily.

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