Stop Aging With Trendy Hairstyles For Men Over 50

Hairstyles For Men Over 50

Hairstyles For Men Over 50 When men reach the age of 50, the trouble of finding a suitable hairstyle is a concerning factor. It is that time of the day when you might notice thinning or balding hair and might need a new hairstyle that best suits your lifestyle and requirement.

Many consider that seeking a new hairstyle is a waste of time but the mindset of people are changing and more and more aging men are becoming more conscious of their outlook, including the hairstyle.

Hairdos Suitable for Men Over 50

The hairstyle list is endless and many depend on the different skin tone and the hair texture. Another important consideration, which mainly determines the choice of a hairstyle, is the hair color. Another aspect that influences the hairstyle is the fact that most of these styles and cuts are for men with short or medium length of hair. But that surely does not mean that long hairstyles are totally excluded from the list.

There are few older men who like wearing long hair. Also, one must also include bald head hairstyles because balding or thinning hair is one of the most prominent hair problems of men. Irrespective of the hairstyle, one thing common among all hairstyles is the fact that most of these over 50 hairstyles for men are easy to maintain and relatively simple and effortless to style.

The Clooney Hairstyle

Titled after Hollywood actor – George Clooney, this is an appropriate hairstyle for men in and over 50s. Suitable for all facial types and structures, the haircut is a cropped style that is great is hiding any hair problems that you might be facing.

hairstyles for older men

To create this hairstyle, one can get a haircut that allows one to push back the forehead bangs. This can be done by simply using a hair gel. Also, make sure that your stylist cuts the hair in a rectangular shape.

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Taper Cuts

One of the most popular hairstyles for men over the age of 50 is short military cuts, also known as crew cuts. Known for minimal maintenance factor, the hairstyle is preferred considering the fact that it masks the aging process easily.

Hence, if you are suffering from thinning hair problems then a short cut like this can help you mask the problem effectively. Though taper cuts mean really short crew haircut, you can vary from the original idea and opt for varying lengths that can add texture and style to your hair.

One of the popular variant is to have slightly longer hair at the top of the head and taper the length of the hair as it reaches the nape of the neck. This is known as taper fade where the length varies all around the head. For a slightly more edgy look, one can use hair wax to spike up the hair at the top of the head.

Retro Hairstyle

Though associated with the likes of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, retro or vintage haircuts and styles have made a comeback in recent times. Very popular among young men, even men over 50 can wear this style and look cool and chic. Being a versatile hairstyle, one can create the look with medium length hair by blow drying the hair and combing back the forehead hair. This creates a fluff which effectively adds height to the hair. Turn the fluff sideways and you are ready to a rock look that will make you look younger and trendy.