Stunning Choppy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Choppy hairstyles are the most fashionable hairstyles currently in demand today. These hairstyles are smart and contribute a sense of style and fashion to the appearance of the wearer. These hairstyles can be sported in all lengths of hair be it long or short or medium length.

Long hair especially is a very versatile length as in this length any and all kinds of hairstyles can be incorporated. Long choppy hairstyles look beautiful and suit mostly all kinds of face shapes and cuts. Here are four stunning choppy hairstyles meant for long hair which will look amazing on the wearer. 

Choppy Hairstyles For Long Hair

The Sharp Choppy Hairstyle 

The sharp choppy style is the most common style found among women today. Since the choppy layered hairstyle is mostly concerned with giving off an edgy and the bold look, the sharp choppy layered style can be easily maintained and easily acquired too. In this hairstyle, you hair should be long and cut in choppy layers. This look works best in long hair. Firstly divide your long hair into several sections and then section by section flat iron your hair using a straightener to give your layers a sleek and sharp look.

Sharp Choppy Hairstyle

Now arrange your hair in a stylish manner. If you sport a blunt fringe or side bangs then straighten the bangs as well and arrange them in such a manner that they are angled with the straight choppy layers. This hairstyle can be sported on any occasion be it formal or casual. The advantage of this hairstyle is that as the hair is straight the style is automatically maintained and does not get messy. Complete the look by applying a bit of serum to add gloss to the sharp layers and make the layers all the more defined.

The Straight Curls Choppy Hairstyle 

The straight curls choppy hairstyle is a fun hairstyle where the curls speak for themselves. In this hairstyle, the hair is supposed to be cut in light choppy layers so that they do not look too sharp.

Straight Curls Choppy Hairstyle

Now divide the hair into several sections and then section wise curl the ends of the hair to get neatly set straight curls. This look is very pretty and gives a carefree look to the wearer. Complete the look by spraying a strong hold hairspray to hold the curls together.

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The Wavy Choppy Hairstyle 

In the wavy choppy hairstyle, get your hair cut in overlapping and light choppy layers. The wavy choppy look is a totally care free look and is the perfect look to sport for a fun day out.

Wavy Choppy Hairstyle

In this style you hair can be curled slightly or crimped to get loose waves throughout. You can also blow dry your hair and make your layers frame the face to enhance the facial features. Scrunch up your hair or run your fingers through it to get a messy look.

The Super Volume Choppy Hairstyle 

The super volume choppy hairstyle is an eye catching hairstyle inspired by the retro era. You can get your long hair cut in several short choppy layers to add volume to the hair. You can also clip up the hair at the top to make a faux bouffant. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray. You can also accessorize the look by adding hair clips and head bands.