Stunning Short Haircuts For Thick Hair


Short hair is a very popular choice for women this year. They suit mostly all women as they can be modified in a number of ways to suit your face type. Short hair is easy to manage and requires nearly zero maintenance.

However, one has to regularly visit the salon, if one wants to maintain the length of her hair and does not want one’s short hair to grow out. These haircuts range from perfectly cropped pixie cuts to chic bobs and back combed short hairstyles. Here are four stunning short hairstyles for your thick hair to flaunt this fashion season.

Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

The Lifted Pixie 

The lifted pixie look is a popular short hair cut sported by women today. Many celebrities have opted for the pixie cut because of the sheer easy maintenance of the cut. The pixie cut looks beautiful ,feels beautiful and does not require any management at all. The minimum amount of care required is simply going to the salon once a month or so, to manage the length of the cut. The pixie cut compliments those face cuts which are round, pear or oval in shape and suits hair which is thick and voluminous to a certain extent.

The Lifted Pixie

To get the lifted pixie look, get your hair cut sharply from the back so that it gives a lifted look to the hair at the crown of the head. One can also maintain a minimal amount of sharp razor cut side bangs to dramatize the look. Style the cut further by applying a texturizing spray, mainly concentrating at the roots of the hair and then run your fingers through it to give the hair a tousled look.

The Wispy Short Hair Cut 

The wispy short hair cut gives a very feathery and dreamy look to one’s appearance. It is a romantic haircut and works well on people who have thick hair as thin hair might end up looking too light and flimsy while thick hair looks healthy and gives a rich, voluminous appearance.

Wispy Short Hair Cut

To get this look, you can sport a boy cut or a very short bob which may be layered to give it a fairytale appearance. Combine this cut with wispy side bangs. Style this look further by blow drying your hair and then tousle it using your fingers. Note, while blow drying your hair, use a paddle brush to create a lift. Complete the look using a light hold misty hairspray.

The Curly Crop 

The curly crop is meant for those people who possess thick natural curls and wish to maintain a short hairstyle with it. You can also artificially curl your hair through the process of perming if you don’t possess natural curls.

Curly Crop

This cut includes a simple curled bob or a curled crop such that your entire head is covered with wavy curls. It is a tomboyish look and softens the facial features.

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The Tapering Bob

tapered bob

The tapering bob is a sleek and modern twist on the classic simple bob. It consists of the hair being long and tapering in the front and short and symmetric at the back. You can combine this look with tapering side bangs and then flat iron your hair to style it and give it a sleek look.