Styling Tips For Medium Length Hair

Styling Tips For Medium Length Hair

Styling Tips For Medium Length Hair It is a common myth that women with long and straight hair can experiment with their styles more than women who have medium length hair. As stated, this is a common myth! You do not need long hair like Rapunzel to have fun because medium hair can be as fun and stylish as long length hair.

Though there are a number of easy ‘dos and don’ts’ that can help you get elegant styles with your medium length hair. All you need to do are basic tools that can help you style your hair and create new looks everyday.

Popular Hair Style Tips for Medium Length Hair

The list of medium length hairstyles is long. And to achieve a great look, one can simple adhere to the following hairstyle tips that can help you achieve a flawless look for the occasion of your choice.

Straight Hairstyle

If you have medium hair, the best way to make an elegant straight hair look is to start the hair routine by shampooing and conditioning the hair. Next, blow dry the hair until it is completely dry; using a blow dryer is recommended as flat iron on damp hair can destroy the texture of the hair. After the hair is blow dried, use a flat iron for straightening.

Once the hair is straightened, clip the hair on the crown and use a fine-toothed comb to section the hair. Use heated paddles above the comb and start the process of removing any curls by combing and flat ironing again through the length of the hair. Once you reach the hair end, use the comb to slightly curl the bottom.

This helps you get a slightly curled-under straight hairstyle that can look extremely elegant for evening. Finish the styling by using a hairspray or a shine serum that helps in holding the style and also prevents fly-aways. To add sparkle to your look, add hair accessories on to the hair.


A number of women with medium-length hair do not consider a ponytail but this can be done if you have a fair idea of how to style the hair. To start the process of making a ponytail, brush and smoothen the hair. Remove the tangles and then brush the hair backwards while grabbing the length of the hair into a ponytail at the crown.

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Next, secure the ponytail with elastic while sectioning the hair on each side of the ponytail. Make sure that the elastic is tight as this will add extra volume to the tied hair. Once you are happy with the ponytail hair, run a straightened while using a flexible-hold hair spray. This can be a great option for a casual evening out with friends or an everyday look while heading for the office.

Pigtail Braids

To braid your medium-length hair, all you need to do is to brush the hair and separate it into sections on each side of the hair. Do so while having a straight parting that runs down the back of the head. Once done, pull back each section and divide it further into three even sections and start the braiding process.

Do so on both sections of the hair and continue the plaiting till you reach the ends at both ends. Next, secure it with elastic and use a hair spray to prevent frizz. This can be casual and flirty and is perfect hairstyle. Making braids with medium-length hair requires hairspray because medium-hair is more prone to fly-aways.

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Hair Styling Tips For Medium Length Hair


Though upstyle is not very popular among women with medium-length hair, it can be achieved easily with hair products and styling tools. To start the process, brush the hair and remove all tangles. Next, use a hair mousse and rub it gently across the length of the hair. Applying the mousse along the hair length allows you to add texture onto the hair and also keep it in place.

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If you want an edgy look, curl the hair with a curling iron; this is recommended if you have thin hair. Curling allows you to add volume to the hair and also add bounce to the limp hair. While curling the hair, make sure you make an inch sections which allows you to give it an even look. Once you are satisfied with the curls, spritz the hair with a hair spray and let the hair dry naturally.

If you want a mellow look, one can run their hands across the curls to loosen it. For a casual look, one can gather the curls and pull it back into a low ponytail or one can even slip on a hair band that prevents the curls from falling into the face. If you want a messy look, then do not use a hairspray and let the fly-aways be.

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