Stylish And Popular Braided Hairstyles For Men

mens braided hairstyles

mens braided hairstyles If you are looking for some cool men hair style to look different this year, then opting for braided hairstyles for men would be perfect. These hairstyles offer a cool and great look to any man. These hairstyles are always very popular among the masses as men with long hair can look great with this braided style.

Men can opt for these braided styles to have a unique feel and to maintain easily. Though they are not common styles among many, they are good looking hair styles that are best for active men. This is due to the fact that it can keep away all the dirt, grime and also prevents the hair from falling on your face or on your plate of food.

Different Types of Braided Hairstyles for Men


When it comes to different braided hairstyles for men, you can find cornrows which are styled very close to your scalp of the head. This creative braided type of hair style uses a higher technique than the others. These cornrows are designed in different ways and in different patterns such as swirls and other shapes along with a bordering artwork across the scalp of the head.

Cornrows hairstyle


The cornrows take a lot of time to finish the braids and are very difficult to design. These cornrows are the favorites of Saharan Africans and are popular for their geometric patterns and shapes. This hairstyle was considered as a symbol of family lineage, wealth and status.

Two and Three Strand Braid

The easiest braided hairstyle is the two or three or four or five strands of braids which require you to twist and braid long strands of hair in these numbers. These braids are best for long hair types and can be left hanging across the shoulders. These braids are loosely twisted to offer much comfortability. The best braid among these and the most common hair style is the three part braids.

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Four and Five Strand Braids

The four strands and five strand braids are tough to twist and it also involves weaving method and following twist and cross pattern. Owing to this, it is not preferable by the males as it offers a feminine touch to it.

French braids


These are also termed as French braids and it begins at the nape of the neck usually. It can also be accessorized with a hat to look stylish.

Considerations While Opting Braided Hairstyles for Men

Nowadays this hairstyle can also be used on your hair even if you have short hair using hair extensions. But since these braided styles are tightly braided it might be painful for some of you but it eases after some time. These braided styles can be designed by any professional hair stylist in your locality.

But since it is a time consuming process, it is wiser to opt for an appointed time well in advance. While planning to have one of these braided hairstyles for men it is up to your choice whether you prefer to relax your hair prior to braiding or not. Relaxing would help your hair to get longer. Also make sure that your hair is dry and not wet while styling it.

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