Stylish Black Hair Braid Hairstyles


Braided hairstyles are the most popular hairstyles currently in fashion among both women and teen girls today. These hairstyles suit all face types and shapes and can be made using any type of hair, be it straight, curly or wavy hair. Braiding hair is extremely easy and you need not be a professional at braiding to sport this hairstyle.

Braids can be both formal and casual and, according to the occasion you can choose which style of braid you wish to flaunt. Here are four stylish and different braids which especially suit black hair and you can wear as and when the occasion requires.

Black Hair Braid Hairstyles

The French Braid

The French braid is the most common type of braid sported by girls today. The braid looks creative and neat at the same time and thus is an intricate hairstyle which can be sported on any type of occasion, casual or formal. In this type of braid, first comb your hair neatly so that your hair is tangle free and easy to braid. Now to make a high French braid, from the top of your head take a section of your hair and divide it into three even sections.
french braid
Cross the right section over the middle strand and place the new right strand which is now the middle strand to the left. Similarly keep repeating this process by using your index finger to switch the sections, and note that the braid should be made tight or else the French braid look will not be shown. Complete the braid till you reach the end of the sections of the hair. Secure the braid using an elastic band and then pin up loose strays of hair or flyaways.

The Rope Braid 

The rope braid is a very different and innovative type of braid. This braid is not made like the simple braids. In this braid, you divide the hair into two to three sections and then you simply twist the hair in your hands and braid it like you originally do to get the look of a twisted braid.
rope braid
Secure the look using an elastic band. Make sure that the braiding is done very tightly so that the braid remains twisted and does not get undone. One can also accessorize the look by incorporating a bejeweled chain or a lace with the braid.

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The Headband Braid 

The headband braid is a beautiful braid which consists of dividing the hair into two portions by making a side parting and then taking sections of hair from both the sides of the parting and braiding it to make two braids on either side of the parting.
headband braid
Now, just double up the braids on top of each other to make it a braided headband and then leave the rest of the hair free. You can also make the rest of hair into an up do for a more formal look.

The Half Pinned Up Braid

The half pinned up braid consists of a two simple side braids made on either side of a middle parting and then pinning both the braids up at the back of the head using hair clips and then leaving the rest of the hair free and flowing. You can also add colourful beads or hair clips to make the look more intricate.