Stylish Emo Hairstyles 2013


Emo hairstyles are for those who wish to opt for an edgy and wild look. Emo hairstyles are characterized by girls who wish to sport dark and bold make up like dark kohl and eyeliner. These hairstyles are hence customized to give off a very intense look which will suit the wearer and enhance their personality to a great extent.

A good emo haircut is necessary as it is meant to maintain the emo appearance of the wearer. You can also improvise on the look by adding vibrant colours to the hairstyle to contrast the dark and bold look. Here are four emo hairstyles for one to flaunt this season.

Attractive Emo Hairstyles 2013

The Edgy Pixie Cut 

The edgy pixie cut is a very popular emo hair cut and style for girls who wish to opt for an edgy and intense look. You should only go for this look if you are willing to sport a style as daring as this. This cut is very low maintenance and is all about the attitude.

Emo Pixie Hairstyle

The pixie cut consists of a simple short hair cut or a boy cut which can be done from any nearby salon such that it looks sharp but the fringes look soft and curled to a certain extent. For the extreme pixie cut, get your hair razor cut that is sharply cut using a razor; this will look very emo and intense .Complete the look and style your hair using a good hair styling gel.

The Asymmetrical Bob 

The asymmetrical bob just like the edgy pixie cut is a very emo hairstyle and is sported by many women. The asymmetrical bob is more feminine than the pixie cut in the sense that the bob consists of hair of a longer length but at the same time it can be made to look emo by styling it in the correct manner.

The Asymmetrical Bob

To get this cut, just get your hair cut in a bob such that it is asymmetrical in nature that is it is not uniformly cut from all sides. Flat iron your hair to give it a straight but sharp look. You can also add a vibrant streak of purple or blue or a flaring red to the bob to make the bob all the more emo and contrast it with the dark and bold emo make up. Complete the look by applying a little bit of serum to give the bob some shine.

The Puffed Up Straight Layers 

puffed hairstyles

The puffed up straight layers is a very common look sported by emo inspired girls and women. To get this look, get your hair cut in short layers in the upper portion of the head to give the upper hair a puffed up and voluminous look and get the lower hair cut in long sleek layers to give it a flatter look. Now, flat iron your hair using a straightener such that you get the perfect puffed up layers!

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The Streaked Emo Hairstyle 

streaked hairstyles

The streaked emo hairstyle is for those who wish to add a dash of glamour to their dark and smoldering emo look. With any straightened hairstyle, get a vibrant coloured streak done to make the colour stand out in contrast with the original hair colour. This can be done in a bob, pixie cut or puffed up layers.