Stylish Punk Haircuts For Teens

Stylish Punk Haircuts For Teens

Stylish Punk Haircuts For TeensPunk hairstyle is all about fashion and the attitude with which you carry it. Vivienne Westwood, a British designer is credited to create a number of punk designs that have become so popular today. It can be your individual fashion and you don’t need to follow anyone, get your very own cutting edge hairstyle and it is sure to attract some attention.

It is meant for the fashionable generation of today that carries their own style statement and can make themselves really attractive with the latest Emo or Punk hairstyle.

An Intro Towards Emocore

“Emo” originated from the word “emocore” that refers to the punk and hardcore music scene that started way back in 1980’s. It strongly related to hairstyles that is killer and high edge, it was common among people who had special craze for punk music. Punk hairstyle involves spikes, waves, colors, bangs and asymmetrical layers. It’s all about the strong fashion statement and sex appeal that you create with this hair styles.

Few Hair Punk Hair Trends that you Must Try

The Mohawk

This is an ideal punk look for both men and women and only has a slight difference depending upon the length. It is like creating big spikes in the center of the head by using products and shaving off the hair on the sides.

stylish punk hairstyles


Mohawk for women comes with a slight variation, the side are not chopped but if you can carry the look of shaven head it is all up to you. For an extra effect color your hair choosing the brightest color that is eye catching.

Long and Choppy

Punk hair style doesn’t come with any fixed rule and it is all about creating an impact and making few heads turn. You can always sport a chopped hairstyle if you are not daring enough to carry a Mohawk look. Make your hairstyle as colorful as you want. Men can try a side swept look of shaggy hair but it only looks cool when you get it chopped with a razor for an extra edge. Make your hair stand up or pointed to give it a sharp look.

Women can try an asymmetrical look, use different color and product to make your hair spiked. Reverse bob is so much in fashion when it comes to a punk look, here the front hair are comparatively longer and it gets shorter as you move behind.

Rolled Bangs

Rolled bangs can help you get the desired attention, it is a retro inspired hairstyle that is sure to suit all face cuts. To get the look, pull out some hair in the front like a fringe, this is to create a layered look.

punk haircuts for teens


Roll back the hair creating large loop curls and pin it backwards. Style the rest of the hair the way you like or can even make a neat bun out of it.


A punk haircut is incomplete without colors, making use of non-natural colors is quite common. Try streaks or highlights with some bright colors like electric red or hot pink. Making use of fruit punch mix can give you an idea if the color suits you or not. Make a paste by adding little water and applying it to your hair can give you the desired color until the next wash and you can try them before getting a permanent color.

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