Stylish Short Bob Haircuts

Bob hairstyles have always been in fashion and continue to be today as well. These hairstyles have been majorly inspired by celebrities who wish to sport short haired bob hairstyles as they are hassle free and easy to maintain.

Hence, women are now switching from the boring long length haircuts and hairstyles to sleek and short bobs. Anyone and everyone can wear a bob. If you have a round face, you should sport a long bob while if you have a petite face, you should sport a short bob. Here are four different short bobs to flaunt this season.

Attractive Short Bob Haircuts 

The Asymmetrical Bob 

The asymmetrical cut bob is a very popular style in fashion right now. It has been sported by innumerable celebrities on the red carpet and looks ravishing on them, hence inspiring other women to flaunt this style too. This cut is not symmetrical in nature which means that you can get your hair cut long in the front and short at the back or vice versa. You can also get your hair cut, long on one side and short on the other side, according to the look you wish to sport.

The Asymmetrical Bob

This look combined with long tapering bangs mostly suits all face types but it is recommended that in terms of hair texture, straight haired women and not curly haired women should opt for this look. To style this hair, comb your hair and make a side parting. Blow dry your hair, upside down using a round paddle brush to add body and movement to your hair and then flip it back. Flat iron if you wish to opt for a sleeker look. Apply mousse to add shine to the hair.

The Wavy Bob 

The wavy bob is a vintage twist on the modern sleek bob. It gives the face a more classic and softer look and softens the facial features. This cut is chin length in nature and is a blunt cut which a large amount of wispiness has added to it in the form of wispy layers to add softness to the bob.

The Wavy Bob

This look can do without bangs and maintain a slightly side parting if you wish to sport a wavy bob. This look is perfect for those who have slightly wavy hair, or a little curl added to the bob. Comb your hair, scrunch it up using your hands and then finger comb to give it a tousled look. Then, apply a good leave in hair conditioner to give it a shiny and smooth look.

The Pixie Bob 

The pixie bob consists of a shattered fringe which has the ability to soften the harsh effect that a pixie bob gives. This bob is sharp and is razor cut layered in nature.

The Pixie Bob

It hence, gives an edgy or rock star vibe to one’s appearance. This look suits those women who possess an oval or square shaped face. Style the look using a texture paste and hairspray.

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The Mushroom Cut Bob

Mushroom Cut Bob

The mushroom cut bob consists of layers stacked at the back which blends in with the long layers in the front and it falls in alliance with the jaw line. This haircut gives the look of a mushroom and blunt full fringes works beautifully with this cut.