Stylish Short Shaggy Hairstyles


Short hair is a very comfortable hair length to sport especially during the summer season. This hair length is short and hassle free and requires a very minimum level of maintenance. One may often feel that short hair is not as versatile as medium or long length hair as not many hairstyles can be accommodated in this hair length. 

However this is not true as many hairstyles can be incorporated in short hair and short hair can be styled to make give you an edgy, formal or casual or any other look as and when the occasion requires. Here are four stunning short shaggy hairstyles for you to sport this season.

Stylish Shaggy Hairstyles

The Short Feathery Look 

The short feathery look is a very lovely look which women can sport. This look is very light and care free and is perfect to sport for a fun outing or can also be sported as a hassle free day time look. To get this look your hair should be short and cut in the form of short feathery layers. It means that the hair is cut in the form of light layers so that it gives the impression of feathers.

Short Feathery Look

To style this hair, detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb. Avoid using a brush as they can cause the hair to break. After doing so, blow- dry your hair using a round paddle brush. Make sure that the hair is bent outwards to give it a shaggy and feathery look. Apply a light misty hairspray to complete the look and give the hair an airy look.

The Short And Sharp Shaggy layers 

The short and sharp shaggy layers is an edgy look and is a very easy to handle hairstyle. To get this look get your short hair cut in shaggy overlapping layers. Once this has been done divide your hair in various sections and then blow dry it with a round paddle brush to add some volume to the layers.

short shaggy hairstyles

Now flat iron the hair using a heated straightener to make the layers sharper and more distinct. You can even add some mousse to the layers to add some shine to the layers. You can even pair a blunt or a sharp side fringe with the layers to make the look a bit sharper.

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The Super Volume Shaggy Look 

The super volume shaggy look is a very childish look for girls. This look adds massive amounts of volume to the hair and hence women with thin hair should get their hair cut in short and shaggy layers to add volume to their look. Now divide the hair into sections and blow dry the hair using a dryer to make the layers a bit more voluminous. Complete the look by applying a light hold misty hairspray to the hair. You can even wear a colourful headband to add some colour to the look.

The Curled Shaggy Layers 

Curled Shaggy Layers

The curled shaggy layered look is again a very popular short hairstyle. To get this look, simply get your short hair cut in shaggy layers and then curl the ends of the layers with a curling iron. Complete the look by applying a strong hold hairspray to make the look more long lasting.