Suitable Hairstyles For Long Hair


Suitable Hairstyles For Long Hair It is a popular perception that long hair are one of the easiest to style. Though this is not a myth, there is a difficulty of understanding what would suit you from the long list of hairstyles for long hair. In this confusion, a number of individuals opt for wrong styles that can be a bad experience in itself. To help you avoid making such a mistake, we have listed out the popular hairstyles that are becoming a rage among women who have long and lustrous strands of hair.

Most Popular Long Hairstyles

Styling hair is a tricky thing and here are a few hairstyles that are immensely popular among all age women.

Faux Bob

Though bob cut is very popular among the short hair people, one can also opt for a faux bob if you have long hair. To style the hair, one can simply part the hair strands into sections that need to be pinned underneath the hair. This allows you to shorten the length of the hair and also make it neat.

Low Side Chignon

This is a great style for an evening out where you need to have a sophisticated look. A perfect compliment for an evening gown, to get a low chignon one can simply blow them dry with volumizing hair products.

Hairstyles For Long Hair


If you want to add side bangs then use hot rollers and a flat iron to get side bangs that frame your face. One must pin the curls at the back to make it look more casual than formal. Also, finish it with a hair spritz.


You cannot go wrong with a sleek ponytail. To make the perfect looking ponytail, one can simply part the hair and pull the hair back tightly while using a bristle brush that allows you to comb all the flyaways together. At the end polish the hair with a hairspray.

Curls and Messy Waves

If you are dealing with thinning hair problem, then opt to use rollers to make the perfect curls that can be pinned on the top or side of the face. The curls add volume to the thinning hair, making it very suitable for damaged hair too.

Ballerina Bun

Long hair looks great with a classic ballerina bun that adds drama to the look. To make the bun, one needs to just divide and comb the hair and tie it into a tight ponytail.

popular long hairstyles

Next, divide the ponytail into sections and wrap the hair into a circle that can be pinned underneath the hair. End it with a hairspray that can make the hair look smooth.

Heavy Bangs

Bangs are common among long, medium, and short hair. If you have bangs in your long hair then opt for heavy bangs that can look casual and yet look great with formal attire. To get the perfect set of heavy bangs, all you need to do is to wrap dry long hair around the barrel of the curling iron. After cooling the iron separate the bangs part of hair and start blow drying the bangs. For best results, spritz it with a hairspray that can add length and texture to the hair.

Side Braids

Immensely popular, like bangs braids are also becoming a big trendsetter this season. To create the perfect braid, one can simply side part the hair and start braiding by dividing the hair into separate sections with a hair gel. Once you have braided the hair on the left section, secure the strands at the nape. Next, add some curls onto the side of the hair and leave it loose around the ear.

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