Teen Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Teen Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Teen Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Teens always look for hairstyles that are fuss free and low-maintenance. They have no patience to wash and dry hair regularly; if that is the case then medium length hair could be the ultimate choice. Long hair would require regular cleaning routine which can be cumbersome for teenagers. So, chop off the long strands and get textured medium length layers that give your hair more volume and body.

Popular Hairstyle Choices for Teenagers

If you have medium-length hair it means that there are innumerable hairstyle choices for you. Here is a list of a few of the most popular and stylish ones.

Flip Up

If you are looking for an easy hairstyle then this is a great fun option for teens. To make the hairstyle, all you need to do is to flip the hair ends. Before you start styling the hair, wash the hair and blow dry it with a round brush. Make sure that you section the hair. Once it is blow dried use a hair straightener to create the flipped up effect at the hair ends.


No hairstyle list for teens can be complete with the absolute favorite – ponytail. Being the easiest to make and maintain, ponytails can look chic and glamorous, if worn properly.

teens medium length hairstyles

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To give it an edgy look, curl the bottom of the ponytail hair with a curling iron. This adds bounce and drama to the ponytail.

Jagged Bob

Most teens opt for a bob haircut if they have medium-length hair. If you are looking to style the bob hair, all you need to do is to add choppy textured layers that will enable you look like fashionistas such as Vanessa Hudgens, and many more. The jagged hair ends can be worn as it is or one can simply tease the hair at the ends to get a tousled and asymmetrical look.


This is again a textured layer hairstyle. To perfect the hairstyle, use styling wax to make the hair easy to manage and also to look less heavy at the top. Before styling the shag, always wash the hair and tease the hair with the wax after sectioning the hair.

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Side Braid

Though intricate in style, side braids are easy to do. To create the perfect side braid, part the hair and sweep it on one side. Next, create a French braid starting from the front hair and move around the back till you reach the other side.

medium length hairstyles

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It might seem complicated, but it is a great style that goes very well with medium-length hair. Finish the styling by using a hair mist, which holds the style together for a longer period of time.

Pigtail Braids

Braids are usually very popular among teens and this is again a very popular style that is worn by teens while going to school and colleges. Super cute, pigtail braids can be made by parting the hair at the center and creating two separate braids while securing the ends with a band.

Messy Bun

Having medium-length hair usually means that the hair will be left messy if you create a bun or a chignon. If that is what you want then you can start by using a flat iron around the hair to add texture to the flat hair. Once done, pull back the hair and secure it into a loose ponytail. Next, twist the ponytail hair into a secured bun. Let the fly-aways remain as this gives your look the messy outlook that you wanted. Even better, you can take out a few strands from the side and curl it for a formal medium-length hairstyle.

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