Teen Hairstyles For Short Hair

Teen Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you think that girls with long hair can only have fun while styling their hair then you are absolutely wrong. Creating varied hairstyles with short hair is also possible and you would be surprised to know that there are as many options for short hair teens as there are for long haired teens.

You can create varied hairstyles for everyday school days and also accessorize them and look daring and different for the many teen parties one attends.

Different yet Easy Short Hair Styles for Teens

As mentioned before, there is no dearth of short-length hairstyles. Check the list for a few of the most popular hairstyles that are being worn by teenagers across the world.

Slicked Back

Teen Hairstyles For Short Hair

Source: http://www.hairpediaclub.com/cool-tomboy-hairstyles.html/cool-tomboy-hairstyles-06

The easiest and probably the most popular is the slicked back hair. A great option for bad-hair days and also for a last minute surprise, all you need to do is to use a hair gel or a mousse to slick back the hair. Fast and easy – this makes it immensely popular among teens who are running around and have no time to waste.

Finger Waves

If you have cropped hair which is not more than a few inches long, then all you need to do is add texture to make it appear longer and elegant. To create the waves, you can scrunch the hair with your finger but in case you want larger waves then use rollers on gelled hair to create the waves.

Curly Mass

Short hair looks adorable if curled. Though this is not an easy option as the curls tend to fall on the face, curls can add volume and bounce to your hair and makes you look different.

Teen Hairstyles For Short Hair

Source: http://www.hairstyles123.com/curly-hairstyles/short-curly-hairstyles/perky-short-curly-hairstyle/

If you want to add drama to the style, all you need to do is to pin the curls with rhinestone pins on one side – simple but attractive.


If you want to wear the hair straight then keep it simple and add a big bang. Bangs can make your simple hairstyle look stylish. Brush the bangs across the forehead for a cool affect. Very youthful, bangs and up front fringes are a great teen option.

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If you like being a trendsetter in school then this is a great alternative for you. To create the perfect spikes, you need to use hair wax and apply it on the hair at the top of the head.

teens short hairstyles

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Randomly stroke the wax across the hair and start holding out the spikes – preferably at the center of the head. This gives the hair a rad faux-hawk effect.


Did you assume that having short hair will not allow you to create an updo? Then you are absolutely wrong. You can create a simple updo with short length hair. Complicated updos are not for you! To create an updo, start by either making a French braid or a cornrow at one side of the head. While doing so, use a hair mist to hold the hairstyle. Remember, the look will be messy but if you have the confidence to carry the messy hairstyle then this is a great option.