The Growing Popularity Of Edgy Punk Hairstyles

Edgy Punk Hairstyles

Edgy Punk Hairstyles If you wish to flaunt an unusual hairstyle that would most describe you as a distinct and unusual person, then opting for the edgy punk hairstyles would be the right choice. You can sport an asymmetrical style, shaved head style or sport an unusual vibrant hue of color to look different. This hairstyle is more popular among the younger population as it exhibits the rebel spirit within them. These hairstyles are available for both men and women.

Popular Edgy Punk Hairstyles

Pixie look

The 1950s hairstyle has drawn inspiration from Aubrey Hepburn. This hairstyle features short layers across the head and is swept towards the forehead. This hairstyle is also styled by curling the hair inwards facing your face.

The Sun Hawk and The Faux Hawk

Sun hawk is an alternative of Mohawk hairstyle. The hair at the front features a long look and has bangs. The hair at the back has a short layered look. You can style it further with styling gels and hairsprays.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle


The Faux Hawk is also derived from Mohawk style and the side hair of the head is cut to the extremely short length. The top portion in the middle of the hair is left longer and is worn with a straightened look, braided or as a ponytail.

Trendier Pageboy

This hairstyle features uneven bangs along with a modern cut. The angle at the side hair is drawn towards the face or is left to look longer on a single side. You can enhance the look further by adding streaks of yellow, pink, red, white, green, blue or black.

Punk Mohawk

This hairstyle would require you to shave your head on both sides, taking care to leave some hair in the wider strip along the back side of the head. The hair in the middle of the head can be styled with straightening products to flaunt a pointed straight look.

Punk Mohawk


You can also dye it with vibrant colors to stand out in the crowd. You can also draw it to reach the inner sides of the forehead or can be brushed in the front above the forehead.

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The Windswept look

This is one among the edgy punk hairstyles that is more popular among the punks. There is no specific requirement for styling it. Leave your hair in its natural form without adding any styling products. You can offer a plain look by dyeing it with any light hair color that is temporary in nature. You can also further enhance the look with vivid shades of neon colors. This would help you to stand out in the crowd.

Skate Punk

Skate Punk


This is a popular style among edgy punk hairstyles that features asymmetrically cut hair which flaunts a dyed look. You can also look feminine and stylish with such type of hairstyle.

Horror Punk hairstyle

This hairstyle is derived from Gothic style that is shiny black in color. The spikes in this hair style resemble the look of a horn. It also derives a Mohawk look with the spikes in it. Spice up the look with a vibrant shade of hair color.

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