The Growing Popularity Of Wavy Hair Trends

wavy hair Wavy hair trends are gaining immense popularity across the world as celebrities are opting for this hairstyle. These wavy hair trends are worn in relaxed waves and tight waves. The waves are suitable for long and short hair and also suit every face type.

These wavy hair trends are a hit among many as it does not require much time to style your hair. You can increase or decrease the tightness of the waves according to your liking and requirements. These waves can be styled for a casual occasion and special occasion.

Popular Wavy Hair Trends

Beachy Loose Wavy Hairstyles

The real style in flaunting this hairstyle is to make it appear in a natural wavy style which would offer it a look as if you have returned after spending some time at the beach. You can get this effect by applying a dime sized of Volumizing mousse or gel on your damp hair and apply it to the roots of your hair.

Beachy Loose Wavy Hairstyles

Then blow dry with the dryer’s nozzle down and rotate sections of hair with fingers or with a brush. While drying your hair try to offer a scrunch look in upward direction. Wrap your hair with a curling iron of your desired size by dividing your hair into sections.

Make clock wise and anti clock wise waves for a more refined look. Finish with a good Hairspray.

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Uniform Wavy Look

Create very tight and well defined structured waves using a triple barrel iron which as three sided irons. Apply dime sized smoothing serum on your palm and spread it across the bottom half of your hair and iron your hair. Do not let the serum get it into your hair roots as it might offer a greasy look.

Uniform Wavy Look

Now pin the top hair with clips and wait for a few seconds and then remove the iron. Repeat ironing process till last wave is created to offer a full and uniform wavy look. Now release the clip and iron the top hair. Finish with Hairspray and create more waves by raking with your fingers.

Tight Wavy Look

Pull the top portion of your hair and secure with clips. Now try to wrap your hair of 2 inch hair sections with ¾ inch curlers to develop tight waves. Remember to not use the irons on the clips as it will result in irons instead of curls. Wait for a few seconds time before releasing the irons.

Tight Wavy Look

Spray liberally with hair spray to offer a finishing touch. Now release the hair secured by the clip and repeats creating waves and use hair spray on it to set. After the waves cools off, rake with fingers.

Layer Wavy Cuts

The layers are most popular among the wavy hair trends as if your hair is thick and heavy, your top part can look very flat. Create layers with the right length and accentuate waves to get lots of volume and bounce.

Short Wavy Hairstyle

Another popular one among the rest wavy hair trends is the bob style of wavy hair. Use pomade to enhance your hair texture and offer a natural pattern.

Joyeeta Bose