Tips For Hair Straightening


hair streightner Hair straightening is one of the styling methods which not only looks attractive but has the dual benefit of managing frizz of the hair as well as giving you a sleek look.

This is one of the methods which is usually done by people who have natural curly, wavy or frizzy hair and wants to keep the hair in position all day long. Though, you will need professional help and products if you want hair straightening for special occasions, it can also be done at home all by yourself to get a good finish every morning before stepping out of the house. Most people consider straightening of the hair the day they shampoo when the frizz is at its peak.

Along with knowing about the best hair straightening products as well as the equipments available in the market, you should also know that there are some tips and essential advice that can help you not only get perfect outcomes but also help you know about the dos and don’ts of this styling procedure. This hair care and hair styling guide below lists down all the effectual tips of hair straightening for your help-

Effevtive Tips For Hair Straigntening

Use Clean Equipment

The flat iron that you use for the straightening of the hair should be thoroughly cleaned with a soft cloth as well as their plates before you start using it on your hair. Wipe away the residues so that they don’t end up sticking to your hair strands.

Set the Temperature Well

flat iron

Before you start ironing your hair, make sure that it has reached the maximum possible temperature so that you get consistent results and you don’t have to keep on applying the thermal heat again and again.

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Blow Dry

The hair should be blow dried before you start off with the hair straightening method. It should be completely dry before you use the flat iron to ensure that there are no cases of burning.

The Protective Shield

Make sure that you use a good hair styling product on the hair well before using the hair straightener that can help in giving it a shield against the thermal heat and the damage it can cause with regular use. It can also leave the hair dry by extracting all the moisture. A good hair protectant can help you a long way in dealing with these issues.

Take 1 Inch at a Time

flat iron straigntening hair

The hair should be straightened 1 inch at a time for perfect outcomes and for consistent sleekness and straight look.

Do Not Clamp Tightly

It is a fact that along with the heat provided by the flat iron, the pressure that you apply will give you the right results for straightening of hair. However, it is suggested that you do not clamp your hair too tightly as it can lead to breakage. A good grip is what is recommended.

Follow with a Comb

In case the hair is too curly or wavy. Make sure you comb the hair followed by the ironing process for far better outcomes.