Tips For Taking Care Of Tangled Hair


Care Of Tangled Hair We all want bouncy and shiny strands but the regular routine along with the weather conditions make the hair tangled and dry. Taking care of tangled hair is not the same as regular hair and can be tricky if you are caught unaware.

Though it is tricky, it is not impossible and with proper care and knowledge the process can become simple, easy, and effective.

Hair Care Tips for Tangled Hair

Of course there is more than one tip that can help you deal with tangled hair problems. While there are general hair care routines to follow, there are basic home remedies too that can help you deal with tangled strands.

Shampoo and Conditioning

It is very important to shampoo your hair at least once a week to avoid tangles. Also, accompany your shampooing with a moisturizing conditioning treatment that can be left onto the hair for at least ten minutes at a stretch. For best effect, use conditioners that contain shea or cocoa butter. These are perfect hair ingredients that lubricate the shaft of the hair making it easier to detangle. Also, one can also opt for a leave-in conditioner that is formulated for tangled hair.

tangled hair care tips

The most important thing about washing tangled hair is to avoid tangling it more by rubbing a towel onto the hair. Instead, dab a soft towel while concentrating on the individual sections of your hair. For best results, let the hair dry naturally instead of using blow dryers.

Hot Oil Treatment

To hydrate the tangled locks, apply hot oil onto the hair before shampooing. You can use any essential oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. Preferably, apply the oil overnight and let the hair get moisturized. The following morning, wash the oiled hair with warm water and comb to detangle the hair. Done once a week, your tangled and dull hair can be restored.


For tangled hair, one must detangle it by combing the hair with wide-toothed comb when it is still wet. Comb but do not brush as it may break the hair and cause damage to the texture of the hair. To comb the hair strands, simply pull the comb through the tangled strands as gently as possible.

Tips For Taking Care Of Tangled Hair

Avoid using bobble tipped brushes as they cannot remove knots as effectively as a wide toothed comb. Once the hairs are detangled, use a boar bristle brush to protect the hair and make it smooth. If the hair is free of any tangles, avoid scrunching your hair and wear caps in windy conditions to avoid further tangling of hair.

Detangling Products

The market is filled with detangling products ranging from conditioners, hair sprays, hair serums, and so on. Opt for products that contain silicone ingredients that help in making the entire combing process easy. The use of these products also helps in resisting new tangles. Also, one can use products that are made for baby hair as these products have no negative side effects while they restore the hair texture and the roots immediately.