Tips For Using Motions Hair Care For White Hair

Motions hair care products Not all hair is the same though there are identical physical components and one must understand this aspect before using hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, serums, and gels. Use a wrong product and you might end up damaging the texture and making it dry and brittle.

These weaknesses are often accompanied by other hair problems such as hair fall, thinning, and splitting. In most cases, the hair’s damaged quotient can be understood by the growing number of white or gray hairs. Motions hair care products help such damaged and white hair where the weakness is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, and age.

Motions Hair Care Process

Maintaining great hair is always dependent on how much care you can give your strands. Remember like your face and your body, your hair also needs regular pampering and a regular hair care routine that will help it to remain shiny and healthy for a long period of time. Similarly, while using Motions hair products one must maintain a hair care routine that will nourish your hair.


Using the right shampoo is the key to great looking hair. For best results, use Motions Marula Strengthening Shampoo that effectively nourishes the hair. This must be done at least twice a day.

Motions Hair Care Process

Using of warm water is also recommended. Though the washing can be done anyways, it is best to apply the shampoo onto the hair and scalp before lathering it. Once you are satisfied that your hair is clean you can wash it off with warm water.


Like any hair care routine, your shampooing must be followed by regular conditioning with Motions Moisture Plus or Motions Marula Strengthening products. The conditioner can be directly applied onto the wet hair working downwards from the scalp to the tip. Let the conditioner sit on the hair for approximately five minutes before rinsing it off.

Leave in Conditioner

For long nourishment, spritz your hair with Motions spray-on leave-in conditioner. This also helps in styling the hair.

Hair Balm

White hair requires extra nourishment and for that use Motions Hairdress or Motions Marula Hair Balm on an alternate basis. This will help in moisturizing and protecting and nourishing the hair and the scalp. Regular shampooing can rob your hair off moisture and the balance is restored through the use of such hair products.

Using Motions Hair Care For White Hair

The usage is simple and one can apply a quarter-sized amount of the balm or the hairdress onto the palm and work along the length of the hair. After you have applied the product, comb the hair – this helps in even distribution of the solution onto the hair.

Wrap Lotion

For extra protection, one can use Motions wrap lotion or working spritz. These products help in smoothening the hair and also protects from damages incurred due to excessive use of styling products.

Relaxing Kit

Using relaxing kits can be detrimental for white hair. Hence, if possible refrain from using it. Incase it becomes mandatory to use it then opt for a normal kit instead of the extra strength kit. In case the hair changes color then you might have to color the hair.