Tips On How To Blow Dry Hair

Blow Dry Hair

blowing dry hairWith increase in the need for style, more and more heat and chemical treatments for the hair are hitting the market. However, apart from common procedures of heat treatment like hair straightening and curling, there are some basic ones that are needed in most of the cases. Blow drying the hair is quite a prevalent method not only among women but also among men.

According to researchers, there is a way of handling your precious level in case of such treatments. This hair care guide below will give you effective tips on how to blow dry the hair and not only get desired outcomes but also protect the hair to the maximum by causing less damage in the comfort of your home. Check them out and follow with ease: –

Steps To How To Blow Dry Hair

Freshly Wash The Hair

The first tip which holds maximum importance in how to blow dry hair in an ideal way is to start with freshly washed hair.

Prevent Hair loss

Once you clean with a shampoo, condition dry hair in the shower. For fine hair, conditioning the ends is preferable. Also, dry the hair with a towel. Blow drying extremely wet hair will waste a lot of your time.

Use A Good Hair Product

For anyone who is looking for no less than perfect results in blow drying the hair should know how important a good hair styling product is.

You should coat each of the strands well. There are different products available for frizz and volume and more depending on what you want. A shine serum can be used before blow drying, by people who have dull and dry hair.

Section The Hair

Comb the hair and divide it into separate sections with clips. Start out with one section at a time for better results.

Time To Use A Round Brush

using round brush for Blow Dry Hair

A round barreled brush should be pulled through the hair along with blow drying. The nozzle should be pointed downwards onto the hair to control the frizz. Start with the ends first which tends to try faster than other parts of the hair.

Use The Fingers

Starting with the fingers is one of the most effectual tips for blow drying hair. Start from the roots by pulling through the fingers. Now, hold the hair a few inches and then blow dry the crown towards the ends.

Super Taut Technique

The hair should be pulled super taut when blow drying. As the brush passes through the hair, so shall the blow drier. The hair should be stretched towards the point as you dry.

Lock With Cool Air

cool air on hair

To finish blow drying, blast the strands with cool air. This will lock in the style for long. A Velcro roller can also be used for locking in the style.

Finish With Serum

A shine serum or balm should be used to get perfect end results in the case of dry and frizzy hair. However, this is one step that should be completely skipped by those who have oily hair. Limp hair should also not make use of serum.