Tips On How To Dry Your Hair

Right Hair Dryer

drying hairHair is one of the important aspects of the body and one that can positively or negatively affect the look and personality of the person. However, gone are the days when people were not aware about hair care and health? Today with increasing chances of hair loss, hair breakage and other such problem, more and more people are researching about the perfect tips to handle hair.

One of the habits that you just can’t ignore is that of drying the hair in the right manner. Hair is at its weakest when it is wet and therefore to avoid hair breakage, one needs to ensure proper drying tips in the sack. This hair care guide will give you an idea about how to dry the hair properly: –

Right Methods To Dry Your Hair

Allow Natural Drying

natural drying the hair

It might be possible that it most of the situations you do not have the time to leave the hair to dry naturally on its own, but the fact is undeniable that it is one of the right drying methods to be followed. It retains the moisture in the hair and leaves natural results on the hair strands.

Avoid Rubbing

One of the common mistakes that most of the people make when it comes to drying their hair is rubbing the hair vigorously with a towel. Dabbing or patting with the towel is the right method to dry the extra water from the hair. It helps in absorption of most of the moisture in the strands.

Use Fingers For Short/Curly Hair

Fingers should be used for drying the hair that is too short, spiky or curly. This will help the hair stand up well and much better than the use of a comb. However, make sure you are gentle with the hair and do not pull the strands. Go slow and light with the procedure.

Use A Good Quality Hair Dryer

One of the other tips that you need to look into while drying your hair but with the help of a dryer is to use a good quality product.

using hair dryer

Lightweight and high power is needed for the same which will give you a better hold and for longer duration. There should be a range of settings starting from cold to medium and hot.

Upside Down Drying

For those who are looking for some good volume and lift in the hair should ensure turning their heads upside down and then using a dryer over it. This is one of the effectual tips that you can keep handy and one that will prevent you from spending in expensive products that you may otherwise need for creating body in the hair.

Do Not Direct Heat On Scalp

While drying the hair with a blow dryer, make sure that the scalp does not experience direct heat. To avoid any kind of damage from heat, it is very important to keep moving the hair or else keep moving the hair dryer in the hand. This is one thing that you should definitely remind yourself about.