Tips To Add Stiffness To Fine Hair


Tips To Add Stiffness To Fine Hair We all want hair that shines and bounces throughout the day. But that is an impossible task to achieve! The task becomes even tougher if you have fine hair that limps and looks wispy.

Styling such hair is a hair stylist’s nightmare as no style holds well in such kind of hair but with time things are changing and one can find hair products that promise to add stiffness and volume to fine hair within a matter of seconds.

The trick is to fine a product that works well for your hair without damaging the hair texture and contributing to hair loss.

Hair Care Tips For Adding Stiffness

We might look into options such as expensive salon treatments and visit to hair clinics to add stiffness and volume to our thin hair; though effective these are a good option for people who have the luxury of time and money. But if you are not one of those people who can afford the luxury of visiting parlors for stiffness of hair then check these simple hair care tricks that also help in adding stiffness to fine hair without being too expensive.


Every hair care routine starts with the basic process of shampooing. Here too, the process starts with washing the fine hair with thickening shampoo.

Hair Care Tips

Specifically made for fine or thin hair, these shampoos add stiffness to the hair by leaving a small amount of residue that thickens the hair strands and also makes it stiffer for styling.


We all use a towel to dry our hair and this is applicable for people with fine hair too. But one must not rub the hair but gently dab the moisture off the hair. Rubbing the hair can destroy the hair texture and makes it very difficult for styling products to stay on the hair.


Always use a wide tooth comb for fine hair. This not only helps in removing tangles but also adds volume to your fine hair.

Hair Gel

Using volumizing hair gel is mandatory if you want to add stiffness to the hair. Start by applying the gel onto the hair roots and then gently work towards the scalp. To further stiffen the hair, apply some more gel on the roots; this helps in spiking the hair too.

Hair Mousse

Apart from volumizing gel, one can also use a mousse that stiffens the hair. All you need to do is to spray the mousse into the palms and rub it into the hair. Instead of a mousse, one can also use a hair thickening hair spray that increases thickness of the hair within seconds.

Add Stiffness To Fine Hair

If you want to minimize the use of hair products, alternatively use a hair serum at the hair ends – this adds weight and stiffness to the strands instantly.

Hair Styling Products

Using styling products is a great way of adding stiffness to the hair strands. The best of the lot is a hair dryer that can be set as per the requirement of the individual. If styling is not necessary, then avoid using the hair dryer or use it in the cool setting.