Tips To Make Your Hair Look Thicker Without Hairspray

Hair Look Thicker Without Hairspray We all know of volumizing hair sprays and products that add the extra thickness to the hair! But the question that crops up in a number of people’s minds is whether it is possible to make the hair thicker without a hairspray or not? The answer is a simple ‘Yes, it is possible’. Intricate knowledge on simple hair care tricks and tips can make this a reality.

Hair Care Tips to Make your Hair Thicker

Thickness of the hair can be achieved by simply resorting to a few of the most simple hair care tricks. These are not difficult and one can simply make these changes in their hair caring ways and get thicker hair within a short period of time without spending on pricey hair care products.

Hair Cut

Go to a hair stylist and get a new hair cut. Opt for cuts that add bounce to your type of hair and in this process makes it appear thicker. To make the correct decision, a consultation with a professional is mandatory.

Volumizing Shampoo

Always use a volumizing shampoo that focuses on the scalp. These shampoos contain ingredients that are very effective in removing oil particles from the scalp that outweigh the hair and make it appear thin.

how to make hair look thicker

Using these shampoos eliminates the oil and makes your hair light and fluffy.

No Conditioner

Though conditioners are recommended by most hair stylists to nurture great and healthy strands, if you want thickness then skip this routine. In most cases conditioners make the hair smooth and weighs down the hair by removing the natural volume. If you skip the conditioner then you leave the strands rougher and with natural volume that will add natural thickness to the hair. If required, one can use a leave-in conditioner that can help in detangling the hair and make it appear smooth at the crown.

Hair Thickening Cream

When the hair is still wet, apply a thickening cream that causes build up of the hair. But do not overdo this routine as it may weigh the hair down that can affect the thickness of the hair.

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Blow Dryers

For extra thickness, this is one styling tool that you must use. While blow drying, always flip your hair upside down; this causes the hair roots to lift up and makes the hair look fuller and thicker.

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Also, use the cool setting in your dryer for maximum affect; this will help you get extra volume minus the use of heat which allows the hair to remain healthy.

Heated Rollers

Using heated rollers also offers extra volume to the hair and lifts it. This is again a simple trick but using the heat can be damaging for the hair; hence, minimize the usage.


If you know how to comb the hair correctly then you can simply add extra volume immediately. To add thickness and volume to your hair, simply lift hair sections at the crown and brush backwards with a fine tooth comb. This process when repeated throughout the hair section adds extra thickness to the hair.