Top 5 Benefits Of Laser Hair Treatment

Benefits of Laser hair treatment

Benefits of Laser hair treatment

Laser treatment for removing unwanted hair from the body is a long-term solution for the problem without any side effects. It gives the best results in a short time. It has been used by cosmetologists and its popularity has increased in the past years. It works well in the entire body like chin, upper lip, face, arms, legs, back, etc.
The exposure to laser beam destroys the hair follicles and delays the growth of hair without damaging the skin. Opt for a skilled doctor with good experience while taking this treatment.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Treatment

Less In-Grown Hair

Laser hair removal method can reduce ingrown hair. Ingrown hair usually shows up in the regions of the body where hair has been removed by shaving or waxing. It shows up due to uneven breaking of the sharp tips of hair.

Less ingrown hair

While using laser treatment, the chances of formation of ingrown hair is very less and also when the hair grows after this treatment, the growth is sparse and smooth. The texture of the hair changes, which will lessen the chances of developing ingrown hair to a great extent.

Takes Less Time

Laser treatment takes less time compared to other methods to remove hair like tweaking, waxing, etc. Every pulse of laser consumes only a fraction of second to remove the hair and can eliminate many hair strands at the same time. This treatment can remove approximately quarter the size of what other conventional methods can do every second. Small regions, for example, upper lip could be treated in less time than 2 minutes. Larger areas like legs and back might take more than an hour and the hair can be removed permanently in 3 – 5 sessions using laser hair removal treatment.

Permanent Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment can result in long lasting removal of the unwanted hair in the body. Many people have been benefitted due to 60 – 90% reduction of hair growth after undergoing a full course of laser treatment.

Permanent Hair Removal

FDA has accepted laser hair removal technique and machines for permanent hair removal, as it can get rid of unwanted hair for a long time, but with multiple sittings or treatments.  Hair will grow back, but in reduced amount and fine texture. The frequency to remove or shave or wax the hair that grows after laser hair removal treatment will reduce drastically.

Reduced Skin Discoloration

After shaving or waxing, ingrown hair develop, as a result of it, many people go through discoloration and scarring of the skin called post hyper pigmentation or post inflammation pigmentation due to hyper sensitivity. While using laser hair removal methods to remove the hair, it is almost a permanent hair removal method, which can reduce the amount that grows back. This will reduce discoloration and scarring of the skin. Whatever discoloration is seen, it will be mild and can be treated using skin lightening creams and lotions.

Soft Skin

This method is very efficient in getting rid of unnecessary hair when compared to other methods like tweaking, etc.  Laser treatment leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Soft skin

Many people complain that the skin is stubbly after 2 or 3 days of hair removal by other methods, but laser treatment makes the skin soft and the small percentage of hair that grows will also be thinner and lighter in color. Laser targets selective areas, which have dark, coarse and thick hair and the surrounding skin is left undamaged.