Top 5 Side French Braid Hairstyles

Side French braids

Side French braids Side French braids are super modern, believe it or not, and French braids have been in fashion since times immemorial. They are a little complex, however, and this article will help you with some of the hairstyles.

These hairstyle trends are super creative and totally elegant. They will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

So give yourself a French braid for a fun new style. Side French braids are also one of the most sought after hairstyles in salons.

Different French Braid Hairstyles

Braid Angle

This French braid hairstyle shifts your hair braid literally from one side of the head to the other. Start with a wet wavy hair. First try to dry the hair or apply a little dry shampoo.

Then divide the hair on one side of the head and make French braid downwards, working toward the other side of the neck. When you reach the neck, loosen your hair, twist it into a bun and hold it with pins.

Totally Twisted

This hairstyle too works in the same style of braid angle, but in this case all the hair is to be braided uniformly. To achieve this hairstyle, divide the hair and make the braid up to the neck.

Twisted hairs

Once you get to this point, the trick is to twist your hair up to the tip and hold the hair together with an elastic band. It is quite a unique hairstyle and definitely one that would make you stand apart.

Braid Curly

This type of side French braid is made right in the back of the head. Start by making a deep division and remove all the knots and tangles of your hair using a comb. Hold your hair against a rod vertically to make the curls.

Now, start making the French braid on the smaller side of the parting. Brain your hair diagonally until you reach the nape. Hold the braid with a pin and let your hair hang loose.

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Braided Ponytail Side

The side ponytail with curls looks fantastic on girls. The hair runs smooth and looks super attractive. Besides you can also choose the texture you like. This braid can also be used to highlight your hair.

Make a deep side splitting, take a section of hair from the scalp (preferably the smaller side above the ear), and make the braid backwards. Then do your hair down and get your desired side ponytail.

Crown French Braid

The name itself gives you the idea. This French braid does indeed make a woman look like a queen. Instead of making a parting in the middle, this one uses the circumference of your head. It looks great on ladies at parties and theme events.

Braid With Loose Hair

Make the braid in the center of your hairline near the top and wind it round the head in a curving motion. Eventually you’ll get a crown shape by incorporating hair strands from all over the circumference of your head.A lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that there‘s more than just one side French braid hairstyle. Choose one for yourself and be the star of a gathering.