Top 5 Stacked Haircuts

Girls always love a change in their hairstyle within three to four months gap and with the raging summer experimenting with various short and medium haircuts are in trend. Well stacked haircuts are accepted if the girls prefer the inverted style thus giving them an appealing look. Though it is quite familiar with wedge hairstyle, but the angles in stacked haircut are very much sharper with the graduated layers identifying the overall look.

The stacked hairstyle can be applied on any hair type whether thick or thin. As the return of inverted hairstyle has been a great craze girls tend to give a trial to distinct stacked haircuts. Hence you should visit the parlor and take the advice of the hairstylist if the stacked style will suit your face.

There may be times when you do not want to wash your hair; thus you can just blow dry your hair and add shiny serum so that the look will be sparkling and thus you’re set to go for the parties. In the hectic schedule this hairstyle is easy to craft and it won’t take much time of the women. We’re here to cover up 5 attractive stacked hairstyles.

Different Stylish Stacked Haircuts

Stacked Bob Haircut

This is the trendiest hairstyle women would love to wear in any season, and especially in summers. Thus it looks fabulous on any kind of hair. As you go for a bob cut by parting the hair in between, at the same time you can make the angles of the hair ends on both sides sharper.

Stacked Bob Haircut

You can obviously add extra volume to the bob stacked hairstyle and it can even look perfect on the thin hair. To maintain the thick volume of the graduated bob hairstyle you can definitely apply hairspray.

Stacked Haircut With Bangs

Whether you’re having short hair or medium hair you can easily manage the stacked hair with bangs. Therefore you can spring to inverted stacked hairstyle and further increase it with few bangs. Those bangs will be angled pointedly long on the forehead and the other remaining bangs falling short at the back. Hence you can apply gel or mousse to the short layers. This hairstyle will also match up with long hair too. You can look even more striking if you experiment few of the light colors on the bangs.

Stacked Curly Haircut

Girls can positively catch up with stacked curly haircut as it can be suitable on any type of face. If you already own natural curls, then you’re fortunate enough to just make the sharp inverted style at the back after crushing the hair and using gel on them. Otherwise you can use big barrel curling iron to rumple your hair and turning into curls.

Stacked Curly Haircut

Then apply a strong hairspray to sustain the curls and craft inverted hairstyle on the thin curls with extra volumes. You can either make a loose ponytail on the long or medium hair or keep it open as you display the stacked curls. Hence you show a sexy appearance in the creative stacked curly hairstyle.

Shaggy Stacked Haircut

If you want to hang up with friends or going to attend fashionable parties, then the shaggy stacked hairstyle will not only give a chic look but also turn all eyes on you. After blow-drying your hair the hairstylist makes progressing layers in the hair on short, medium or long hair.

In three types of hairs the layers advance from the smallest lengths at the topmost towards the longest lengths at the bottom end. With the completion of shaggy you can switch to stacked haircut along with it as she carves sharp inverted angles to it. Overall you can spray gel or mouse and bring out the stacked shagginess livelier.

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Stacked Ponytail

Stacked ponytail looks cool on girls and definitely they can wear it at any time of the day and in any occasion. The hairstylist will part your front hair from the back side and then drag it towards one side thus tying it on the crown with elastic. Puffiness should be maintained on the front.

Stacked Ponytail

In the next step the she curls the hair on your back and drags back into the shape of ponytail. She’ll style your hair with hairspray and also craft the inverted hairstyle of the pony curls sharply. Therefore make some flexibility to your hair with the above stacked hairstyles this season.


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