Top 6 Chain Braid Hairstyles For Girls


chain braided hairstyle The chain braids is the most attractive and fashionable hairstyle you might have come across. The moment you see girls with chain braids, you’ll surely exclaim, “Wow such a lovely hairstyle!

How come you could manage to make this hairstyle?” The name chain braids itself displays twists in the hair. You can arrange for as many chains on your head to look catchy and modish.

Chain braids can be tried on many occasions including weddings, parties, holidays, proms etc. You’ll be the center of attraction among the audience. The technique is to try out tying two parts of hair and craft it beautiful. Let’s try few of the amazing chain braid hairstyles this season on long as well as medium hair!

Best Chain Braid Hairstyles for Girls

Single Chain Braid Hairstyle

Your hair should be wet after shampoo. In order to form single chain braid nicely and quickly, first of all brush the wet hair calmly and right from the top of the head divide it into two parts equally, and bind them into shoelace twist.

Single Chain Braid Hairstyle

Then include further small parts and tie them with each two portions. As you come downwards, insert all the remaining hair to the main chain braid and tie it with a band at the end. This single chain ponytail will really look superb.

Chain Braided Headband

Instead of using a hair-band, you can create a streak braided headbands all along the head. Keep the hair open.

Then pull out a streak of hair around one of the ear base, and divide them into two halves while tying the knots tightly, and prolong the knot till it reaches nicely to the other ear base. If the extra hair comes out, pin it in place. The backside of the hair may be left open or you can erect a ponytail.

Chain Braid Pigtails

Chain Braid Pigtails

This is a trendy way of making chain braid pigtails. Make your hair into two simple ponies. From the top draw out two thin hair pieces from both sides and continue making knots till your neck, and fasten the braids with your main ponytails. Tie the chain braids with pony into one with a small band. This chain braid pigtails looks quite tactful.

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Double Chain Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is quite unusual as you can have two thin chains or two medium length chain braids. Let’s begin this trial from above the left eye by dividing two equal thin portions, and stick to the chain as you move towards the right and tie it with thin rubber band.

Streak out a new chain following the first one in the same way as you have done earlier. Join the double chain braids with the main hair and make a small bun to give a fine presentation.

Double Chain Braid High Ponytail

This braid high ponytail looks classy and sophisticated. As your hair is wet, drag them lightly towards the back and make ponytail, but leave few inches of hair just about the face. You can create three-four chain braids via the help of thin streaks and then join those chains with the main ponytail by leaving them backwards.

Fishbone Chain Type Braids

After wetting your hair and brushing it nicely for removing the knots, pull out a streak of hair from the crown of your head and start making chains in the shape of fishbone braids or fishtails from around one side of your head. Continue till you reach the neck and join it with the main ponytail.

Fishbone Chain Type Braids

You must be already excited by learning about the above chain braid hairstyles. So it’s time to prepare your hair with these creative chain braid styles! If girls cannot experiment these chain braids themselves at home, they may try out at the parlor and look hot at any season and occasion.



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