Top 6 Ethnic Hairstyles

Hairstyles Many women with ethnic hair would be reluctant to step out of their homes unless they get their hair done by a hair stylist to look good. But there are a few ethnic hair styles that are easy to try on your own at home and look different at each occasion.

While some are classic ones that have been revived over the recent years, some are trendier ones, which are a hit among women of all age groups. You can wear these ethnic hairstyles at all formal and casual occasions as they have a good finish to it.

Best 6 Ethnic Hairstyles

Sleek Straight Look

This is a classic hairstyle that is popular among the ladies as it is easy to try at home. Blow dry the hair after shampooing and conditioning the hair. Then use a flat iron to straighten it. Start at the back and make partitions in the hair.

Sleek Straight Look

Now proceed to flat iron each section and continue till all the sections of hair gets completed. You can make it look curly at the hair ends or let it to look straight. This hairstyle looks good on hairstyle with any length.


This is a popular hairstyle among ethnic hair styles as it offers a different look to the curly haired ladies. Divide the washed hair into sections beginning from the front part of the hair. Twist each row until it gets close to the scalp.


Secure the hair ends with the help of elastic bands. Once you finish twisting the rows completely, use a hairdryer or fan to dry your hair. When dry, you can untwist each row and arrange the waves in your favorite style.

Updo Hairstyle

This is a popular ethnic hairstyle among ladies. Make sure your hair is clean and conditioned. If you have a straightened hair or natural hair you can try this hair style.

Updo Hairstyle

No matter what length your hair is or what texture your hair has, use hair texturizing products and bobby pins to create the updo.

Bun Hairstyle

You can also try wearing a bun hairstyle after tying a ponytail on top of your head or low or on the side and wrap it neatly and secure it tightly as a bun using lot of bobby pins.

Micro Braids Ethnic Hair Styles

If you are hunting for a wedding hairstyle for your ethnic hair then, micro braids are a great option to choose for. These micro braids are also called as invisible braids and are more versatile to look.

Micro braids ethnic hair styles

When compared to cornrows, these are very tiny in size. You can wear it as a left down or pulled up style. You can also beautify with flowers to offer a feminine look.

Puffed Pony Tail

The puffed ponytail hairstyle is a versatile one which is the right choice for a casual day affair or dressy evening event. Part the hair on the front in the middle and twist it for 3 times and push the section to the front to offer a puffed look.

Puffed Pony Tail

Now secure the base of the puff with hair pins and gather the rest of the hair in to pony tail.

Joyeeta Bose