Top 7 Formal School Hairstyles For Girls and Boys

school hairstyles The childhood period of every person’s life at school for almost ten years is a kitty full of unforgettable memories, thus enjoying those fun-filled years to the fullest. But an appropriate hairstyle is the most important discipline children (boys and girls) have to follow in school.

Every morning, except Sundays are always tough for moms as they have to quickly arrange their kids’ hair before they leave for their schools. The children should keep their hair neat and tidy as per the school’s rules.

Few of the exclusive formal school hairstyles will give the moms a chance to try out on their child’s hair, as these hairstyles are simple and their time and effort are also saved.

Formal School Hairstyles For Girls And Boys


School going girls generally prefer single ponytails as they have long hair. Opening hair and going to school is not allowed. So mothers have to grab all the hair of their child tight and comb them nicely.

ponytail for school girl

Then with the help of a black or white elastic band they can make a single pony as the hair will fall straight and remain at the back. If your girl has curly hair, still then she can attempt for ponytail.


Girls will look sweeter if they opt for two pigtails. Moms after combing their hair can part their hair into two halves. They can pull the two halves of the hair a bit upwards near the ears and tie it with bands.

The two pigtails will fall straight down on each end, and extra hair can be kept intact with clips. Red, white or black ribbons tied in pigtails will be prettier too.

Comb Down Hair

This haircut looks cute on little boys. The hairstylist has to cut the hair in a way that it is lengthy from the sides and falls short from the back as well as front side.

Comb Down Hair

The hair should cover the forehead just above the eyebrows. You have to comb the boy’s hair downwards from all the sides of the head lightly.

Bob Hairstyle

Bob style suits both boys and girls. This hairstyle is applicable on short, medium and long hair too. The boys who have straight hair, bob cut suits them greatly. Comb the hair well and then cut the hair in a round shape.

You can add a stylizing gel on your hand and stroke the hair in a mild way. Then use the brush over the hair again. Your child won’t be disturbed in between his/her play with this style.

Girls can also modify their hair with bob cut as they look smart and good. Among the various bob styles, you can implement curly bob hairstyle, blunt bob hairstyle, inverted bob hairstyle or asymmetrical bob hairstyle at the parlor.

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Plaits Hairstyle

Though the plaits hairstyle is quite common, but the plaits hairstyle takes a bit of mom’s time in tying up their daughter’s hair. Moms have to brush the long hair nicely and open up the knots in between the hair.

Then the hair has to be parted into three equal parts. The three parts should be well plaited till the end arrives, and then tie it with a small rubber band. You can go for one plait hairstyle at the back or make two plaits.

Sweeping Hairstyle

Sweeping hairstyle is suitable for both girls and boys. Your child’s hair should be a bit grown and wavy.

Sweeping Hairstyle

The hairdresser will comb the hair one-sidedly keeping an equal length on both the sides. Kids can enjoy their study and play without much worries of tackling their hair.

Curly Hairstyle

The trendiest haircut is the curly style giving a cool look on both girls and boys. This is a simple way as you first wet the hair, utilize little hair gel, and then insert some anti-frizz product so that the curls will be preserved. You can execute tight curly hairstyle, loose curly hairstyle or medium curly hairstyle as per the instructions of the hairdresser.

Its’ dull for your children to continue with a single hairstyle everyday! So moms can trial various new formal school hairstyles themselves at home or take their children to the parlor. These types of formal haircuts will definitely give them an elegant look.


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