Top 8 Plaited Hair Styles

Plaited hair styles are the perfect choice for every season – be it summer or spring. Celebrate the heat with this hairstyle as this makes you look more feminine as well as attractive. Plaits can make you look very sophisticated, yet cheerful and suit almost all attires in your wardrobes.

If you wish to enhance your plait-spiration mood, this article will help you get an idea about a few mind blowing plaited hairstyles.

Popular Plaited Hair Styles

The Tie Back Hairstyle

Make plaits on both sides of your ears by gathering the hair on either side. Now secure these two plaits together with bobby pins. You can also try to fluff the hair beneath it. This way, you can keep your hair from falling to the face and have a neat look.

Milkmaid Hairstyle With Downward Look

Milkmaid Hairstyle

This hairstyle can be achieved by plaiting French braids with loose pigtails and making them criss cross over one another. Make sure you secure them across your neckline and use bobby pins to secure all the plaits tightly.

One Shouldered Plaited Look

Comb all your hair and accumulate them on one shoulder. Now plait it straight down so that the braid reaches across your one shoulder. You can adjust the free hairs to offer a natural as well as intentional look.

Fishtail Hairstyle

Create three sections in your hair and start the process of braiding and while developing into fish tail, you have to use just two sections. While reaching the middle, split the hair and cross small sections of hair on the middle and the right.

fishtail hairstyle

Now continue the same for the middle and the left. Just blend the hairs well in order to offer a neat plaited look. This will offer a look similar to the fish tail.

Plaits With An Inverted Look

Try plaiting three sections of hair one under the other instead of the usual method. This will offer an inverted chevron look and would have an exposed braid that travels from the crown of your head. These plaited hair styles are a twist to the usual French plaits that you try.

The Tuck Hairstyle

To do this hairstyle , you should take a section of your hair and start braiding it until big enough to cover your forehead and head side.

tuck hairstyle

Now tuck it under the main section and fasten the tail of the braid with bobby pins. This is a very feminine hairstyle and looks elegant on evening gowns and other attire.

Fringe Plait Hairstyle

When your mane has a greasy look, this fringed style is the right choice. Create plaits on the frontal bangs close to the forehead.

Fringe Plait Hairstyle

Tie this across the loose hairs and secure well. This hairstyle is a great choice when you do not wish to have greasy hair falling on your face.

Freestyle Plaited Hair Styles

Have a plait placed in an editorial way, which would offer a stylish look. Create various effects with a combo style of plaits or hold it in a single place to experiment with your look.

Joyeeta Bose