Top Hair Care Tips for Summer

black hair care Summers and Hair doesn’t really sound very attractive together. Stepping out during a sunny day will definitely cause damage to your skin and hair. Though you can protect you skin with sunscreens there is no such option for your hair. Care should be taken about your hair at the same time as you enjoy those beach parties, pool parties and the joys of hitting the pool for fitness.

The damage UV rays do to your hair can be beyond repair. Therefore it is necessary to follow certain rules for yourself to keep your hair from damages.

Top Hair Care Tips For Summer

Keep The Hair Hydrated

It is necessary to keep the hair hydrates with proper conditioners. They help protect the pores on the scalp and on the hair. Drinking a lot of water is also necessary for the hair and skin.

Keep the Hair Hydrated

Thorough washing after swimming and other outdoor activities is important to keep the chlorine out of your system. Avoid detergent based shampoos, they might be good for chlorine but does damages that are far more..

Avoid Direct Sun Rays

Direct UV rays can leave your hair faded and lifeless. To save your hair, tie it up in a loose bun and use hats and scarfs to protect it from damages maintaining style and keeping the look fashionable at the same time. It is necessary to be sun smart and keep looking good simultaneously. Even when on the beaches thorough oiling helps. Keep your hair detangled, make braids and avoid exposure to sun for long periods.

Choose Appropriate Haircut

No matter long or short, the hair should be manageable. Excess oil secretion and sweaty scalp attracts dust and dirt, therefore keep in mind that you might be required to shampoo your hair frequently.

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If you have long hair prefer loose buns over tight ponytails for air circulation between the hair and to the scalp. Also your haircut should avoid the use of blow drying and should be apt for natural drying.

Keep Styling Tools at Bay

Summers already does a lot of damage naturally therefore avoid additional damage with the heated styling tools. Even if you want to style up to straighten or add curls for a bounce to flat hair, use the styling cream generously to prevent the hair from frying up when it comes in contact with the hot rods. Also cut off the split ends that may happen with styling, it deters hair growth.

Maintain Hair Hygiene

Oiling, hair spa, hair masks, shampoos, conditioners all are friends of your hair as opposed to oily scalp, damaged, broken and hair with split ends. Keeping the hair and scalp clean also reduces chances of dry and flaky skin, infections and open pores.

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Choose a good shampoo as you may be required to use it more often than usual. Using hair masks and conditioners keep the bounce, but do not apply it in excess as it might make hair greasy.Besides these, you can always apply fresh juices, lemons, and go for relaxing spas for the extra pampering to your hair this summer.