Top Most Curly Hairstyles For Men

Most Curly Hairstyles For Men

Day by day men are becoming more fashionable and able to carry themselves well off with any kind of hair they have. Curly was considered curse a few years back as they were fizzy, hard to manage and gave a messed up look. But today, it is fashionable, it is quite easy to wear.

No matter what haircut you have, curly hair can fit well with all hair styles and can be worn by men of any skin color or hair color. So if you are born with natural curly hair but don’t know how to stylize , have a look at few curly hairstyles that can help you mange yourself well and look no more like a brillo pad.

Various Curly Hairstyles For Men

Short Curly Hairstyle

Most Curly Hairstyles For Men


Such hair type have loose or tight curls ans strong waves. It gives you a very casual look and perfect is to be worn shorted. Keep your hair neat and very close to the head. You can experiment with keeping you hair short on the sides and slightly longer in the center. Make use of anti-frizz products to get a control over your curls.

Medium Curly Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives you a carefree look with natural waves and volume. To get the desired length as your stylist to cut your hair with shears. Doing that will give you a length that are free to fly. You can sport shoulder length with gradual layers to single length haircut. Messy look with layer looks just perfect with medium curls. Liquid gels can be used to style your hair and keep it managed.

Long Curl Hairstyle

Long curls are little hard to manage which is the reason why you hardly come across people with long and curly mane. Short curls still looks good when unmanageable by long ones have to be taken care of. The length can vary up to the shoulders or even below that. Curls automatically gives you layers but you can even play with the length.

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Make use of mousse to keep it in form and settled. It is ideal not to use brush in curly hair and rather should make use of wide tooth comb. Make use of a diffuser to dry your curls and using curl enhancement product can be a good idea.

Shave it off

The short buzz is so much in fashion, if you need to tackle with all the options and troubles that come along with curly hair and want to keep it simple yet stylish then shave it off. The mantra is , if the curls are not there , it wont be fizzy.

Afro Curl Hairstyle

This hair style is very unique and looks just perfect, these are natural curls with a very soft texture and can be worn either long or short. It is even easy to grow and get hair like an afro.

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All you need is a plenty of length for the curls and must have medium length hair. A few tips to get the look is keep away from the comb and get messed up look as far as possible. Get the trimming done on time and Keep your hair moisturized.