Top Vitamins For Hair Growth

hair growth

hair growth All of us are well aware of the fact that just as our body needs foods and the right nutrients to become strong and healthy; our hair too requires the right vitamins in order to make it thicker and longer.

Weak hair is a result of lesser vitamins. As per statistics and research, half an inch of hair growth takes place on a monthly basis provided our scalp is enriched with the right vitamins and that too in the right proportion.

Top Vitamins for Hair Growth

Vitamin B7 Or Biotin – Strengthens The Hair Roots

Biotin helps in making our thick and aids in proper hair growth. It helps in fatty acid production, improves cell growth. When it is taken in combination with other vitamins like B6, B12 and B5, it helps in restoring the hair growth.

Do not expect overnight results. However, it is surely going to show positive results when you are able to combine it with a healthy diet and by making some healthy lifestyle changes.

Vitamin A- Improved Hair Growth And Maintenance

Vitamin A helps in hair growth and maintenance. It basically helps in regulating the retinoic acid and strengthens the hair follicles. Many of the hair care creams and products contain Vitamin A that aids in hair growth. It is therefore essential to take in vitamin A supplements or have a balanced diet that has this vitamin to ensure the regulation of retinoic acid. Strong hair follicles will prevent easy falling of hair.

Vitamin B – Reduces Stress Levels

With increased levels of stress and depression, our hair and skin gets affected. Vitamin B contains Inositol that helps in reducing stress levels. B12 is found in natural sources like eggs and meat and when taken with a Vitamin B supplement, helps in healthy hair growth and arrests hair fall as well.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B helps in calming and soothing the brain which automatically helps in soothing our hair scalp and aids in maintaining peace and calmness which indirectly helps in growth of healthy hair.

Vitamin C – Iron Absorption And Improved Hair Growth

C improves circulation of blood, fights problems of dry scalp and dry skin and helps absorb the nutrients in a better fashion. It improves the growth of hair in a speedy manner. Also, the right minerals and vitamins help in strengthening our immunity system. Natural sources of vitamin C include fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and so on.

Vitamin C Rich Food

The recommended dose of vitamin is about one thousand to two thousand mgs daily and if you are not able to get the recommended quantity, over the counter tablets or pills may be ingested.

Vitamin D – Preventing Hair Loss

As per statistics, vitamin D helps in hair follicle stimulation and helps strengthen the cells that build the hair shaft. It strengthens the hair shaft and roots and it is recommended a dose of 400 to 1000 IU daily.

Vitamin D


It is now possible to provide our body with the requisite supplements that are available over the counter. However, it is advised that you seek help of a hair expert who will also know your hair condition and guide you in the right manner.

Vitamin E- Stronger Scalp And Capillaries

When there is proper blood flow to the scalp, the hair grows healthily and this is what Vitamin E does. It helps stimulate hair follicles and provides scalp massage that enables hair growth. You may also speak to your nutritionist to know the natural sources of biotin.

Vitamin E


A good hair treatment, enough sleep and proper nutrition and diet truly helps in healthy hair growth. Vitamin E capsules and pills are also available and your doctor may prescribe you these. Make sure to follow the prescription correctly.


A good nutrition combined with the right vitamins help in keeping our hair stronger and scalp healthier. Dandruff free hair and hair free of dirt and dust grows well and in a healthy fashion. Following all the above religiously makes our hair and scalp smooth and soft.