Traditional Yet Beautiful African Wedding Hairstyles

African Wedding Hairstyles

African Wedding Hairstyles African hair is different from traditional hair of others. Having lesser ability to retain moisture, African hair can break and look frizzy. But on a wedding day, one wants to avoid such hair disasters and want tresses that shine. This makes the choice of a wedding hairstyle very important.

If you choose a wrong hairstyle then you might end up highlighting the defects of the hair. African hair can be modeled to perfection with the correct style and can look amazingly beautiful, if you are aware of the right hairdo.

Choices of African Wedding Hairstyles

The wedding day is one of the most important days that enable you to capture the attention of all wedding attendees. There are innumerable hairstyle options for an African American bride – from cropped to flowing tresses, the list of hairstyles are endless.

Ringlets or Spiral Curls

Creating ringlets is a tricky process in a hair that is already curly. To make the perfect ringlets on your wedding, one must smooth out the hair with a comb before winding the hair around a curling iron. Spray the hair with a holding hairspray to set the curl and then remove the curler and let it cool off. Repeat the process till you have curls all around. Finish off the styling with a hair shiner.

Finger Waves

To create finger waves for your wedding day, dampen the hair and then curl the hair with fingers. Spritz the hair with a holding spray and then fix the curls with a styling gel.

Finger Waves


To set the curls, use bobby pins to clip the hair. For perfect waves, one must not twist the hair too much. After the hair is dried, remove the hair clips and comb out the waves with your fingers. Arrange the waves with a styling product.

French Braid Updo

African hair is thick and this makes French braids a great alternative hairstyle for African brides. To start making the perfect French braid wedding hairstyle section the hair and start braiding it tightly. Once you have braided all the sections, arrange the braids into a stylish modern updo. Let the hair ends remain loose and curl them after making the updo.

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Straight Loose Hairstyle

This is probably the easiest hairdo where all you need to do is to use a hair straightener to straighten the hair and let it cascade down as naturally as possible.

Straight Loose Hairstyle


African hair is dry and needs regular moisturizing; hence, wash and condition the hair before you straighten the hair. End the styling by using a hair shiner that allows your hair to shimmer and shine as you walk down the aisle.

Side Bun

If you are one of the few who has natural straight hair, then consider making a sleek side bun on the wedding day. This is again a great option for brides who have thick hair that is difficult to be controlled and cannot stay in an updo. To create a perfect side bun, start by parting the hair into two sections and then pulling back the hair into a smooth knot at the base. Secure the bun while using a hair shiner or a gel.

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