Treatments To Prevent Hair Loss

hair loss treatmentHair loss occurs due to many causes. Hair loss differs in men and women.  Stress, hormonal changes like in pregnancy, menopause or puberty causes reversible hair loss.

Genetic factors, family history and aging too cause thinning of hair. In many men and women natural and slight thinning of hair can be noticed at the age of thirties or forties. Iron deficiency is also a major cause for hair loss.

Best Hair Loss Treatments

General Care

The first and foremost step to control hair loss is to get your stress levels under control.  Start taking care of your hair. Don’t subject your hair to harmful chemicals, heating and drying using electric hair dryers. Chemical treatments and dyeing hair can also result in hair loss so avoid these, as much as possible.

washing hair

Some types of hair styling also cause hair loss like layering. Avoid tying your tightly into a ponytail or other hair styles that require hair pulling. Keep your hair clean and wash it regularly with mild shampoo.  Don’t rub your hair vigorously with a towel after shampoo and avoid brushing wet hair. Use fingers to untangle hair instead of brush.


Eat healthy food.  Nutritious food not only keeps your body healthy but also your scalp and hair. The chance of hair loss is far less in a healthy body than in an unhealthy body.  Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits. Eat iron, protein and vitamins rich diet.

iron rich foodsLiver, beef, pork, fish, green vegetables, apples extra are rich sources of iron. Iron is very essential for health hair. Vitamin C helps absorb iron. Try to combine iron and vitamin C enriched foods.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega3 fatty acids prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle.  Walnuts, tuna, flaxseeds are very rich in omega3 fatty acids. Include these foods in your daily diet.

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Protein rich diet ensures healthy hair.  The commercial protein rich shampoos don’t help. Protein gives strength to your hair and lack of it causes hair loss. Milk, cheese, seafood, lentils are very good sources of proteins.

Avoid eating raw egg whites and low calories liquid diet. They result in hair fall. Consult your doctor for supplements to prevent hair loss. Like iron, vitamins, biotin or inositol.


Some medication helps control hair loss.  Consult a physician before taking any sort of medication. Minoxdil is mostly recommended by doctors.

medications for hair loss

It is sprayed on the scalp. But one may have to use it over a year to see the effective results.  You can also consider using steroid creams or puva to stimulate hair growth.  Women can consider HRT but not without a doctor’s recommendation.

Laser Treatment

Laser therapy increases the blood flow which helps to stimulate hair growth. There are many dermatologist and hair care clinics that provides these treatments.

Hair transplant and hair restoration surgery

Many hair clinics provide hair transplant services.  It is mostly performed on male pattern baldness. One or two hair is transplanted at a time and it appears quite natural.

Restoration surgery is a kind of transplantation where hair is removed from a dense area and transplanted to the areas where hair has been lost. This surgery is commonly performed on men and not on women.