Trendy Haircuts For Teens

Teenage years are the best time to try out new, revved up, funky and daring hairstyles, which one wouldn’t even think of sporting once they grow up. Styling your hair is very important as it contributes greatly to your appearance and personality and during the teen years, hair fashion is equally important as buying new shoes, accessories and clothes

Teen hairstyles are mostly inspired by music and movie stars and these trendy hairstyles are easy to sport if styled correctly, hence looking stunning on the wearer. Here are four glamorous and trendy teen hairstyles for any teen to sport.

Stylish Haircuts For Teenagers

The Loose And Trendy Side Braid 

The loose and trendy side braid is a very popular hairstyle among teen girls today. The look is meant for girls who have long hair usually falling below the shoulders. To get this look comb your hair using a wide toothed comb to detangle it so that it falls in waves and looks neat. Now take your hair wholly to one side and place it over the shoulder you wish the side braid to be made on.

Side Fishtail Braid

Then, divide the hair into three sections and simple braid it to make it a loose side braid and then tie the braid with an elastic band. Note that the side braid should not be made too tight, or else it will fail to give the easy and carefree look that the wearer wishes to achieve. One can also wear a hair band along the crown of the head to accessorize the look further. If you have bangs, keep them free and do not pin them up.

The Sleek Ponytail 

The sleek ponytail is a classy look for those wish to look formal and organized. This look is mainly meant for formal occasions like official functions and can be teamed with formal clothes like a blazer and a skirt or formal trousers.

sleek ponytail

To get this look, flat iron your hair by dividing the hair into various sections and then take it over to one side and just make it a sleek side ponytail by tying it with an elastic band. One can also make a sleek ponytail in such a way that it remains at the back. Pin up loose bangs so that they do not fall all over the face and look untidy.

The Loose And Easy Waves

The loose and easy waves is the hairstyle sported by every teen girl today. The look goes with every occasion, be it casual or formal or simply a fun outing with friends to the beach.


This hairstyle creates a very feminine and soft look which suits mostly all face types and face shapes. Simply get your hair cut in layers or waves and then blow dry using a paddle brush to create a more defined wavy look. Apply a little bit of hairspray to complete the look.

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The Full Fringe 

The full fringe is a look which looks very adorable on the wearer. It gives a very playful and cute look to the wearer as the fringe is simply strewn across the forehead.

Full Fringe

Just comb your fringe and flat iron it and then place it over the forehead such that it covers the forehead equally. The full fringe can also be teamed with a bob or a layered haircut.